Sunday, July 14, 2013

You Could Put an Eye Out......

We've all probably heard this from our mothers at some point... or heard it said in the movie "The Christmas Story".... well  it's true.  
I love these little scissors.. they are always on my table at the end of the couch. They are my "go to" scissors for applique... small, sharp and very 'pointy"  I won't tell you how it happened... because it was pretty dumb.. but I managed to poke myself in the eye with my little scissors... OUCH!  I just need to learn to slow down and watch what I am doing and what I have in my hands.  
This is the end result.. which is kinda gross, but luckily it seems to be just an abrasion and I didn't do more damage.  Geezzzzz!  A Quilting Occupational Hazard!  Please be careful!
So I was working on beaks and talons today for the Golden Eagles block.  They are really detailed and take a lot of time and patience.  Sitting on the deck was a real challenge too.. it is soooo hot here.

One down... three to go.

"What do you think?  Does it look like more rain?  
"I heard it's going to get hot - best to stay inside on the bed!"

Happy Stitching and Stay Cool!



  1. Wow careful with those scissors!!
    No running around while appliqueing :)
    Just looking at those tiny pieces makes my blood pressure go looks really hard. Hope you are enjoying the process...the block is amazing!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

    1. Kathy, Thanks for visiting! Yes, it could have been alot worse and I really need to be careful - we all do with the dangerous "tools" we use! The feet are finally done - I can't say I enjoyed doing them - but I am enjoying the blocks!

  2. your applique work is gorgeous~!!~
    someday i hope to be that good.
    hope the eye is feeling better.


    1. Thanks for visiting Libby! My eye is feeling much better - Thanks! Hope you visit often.


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