Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grapevine Block Done.. on to the Pair of Golden Eagles

I have finished the Grapevine with Swooping Bird block.  Like most of you, I have turned the block around. The bird flying upside down didn't seem right to me!

I added the detail embroidered stems to the grapevines.
I've included red and white grapes!
Could these be for a nice Chardonnay?
Now onto the next block - Pair of Golden Eagles.  I have drawn the guidelines on my block - there is just too much on these 12" blocks not to draw the placement directly on the block with a water soluble pen.  I made some minor changes to the original pattern and selected some of the fabrics - My favorite part!
There are a lot of leaves in this block!  I iron down my freezer paper templates to make the leaves. I try to number them so I remember where they go!
And here is the first section basted - ready to stitch!

Summer fruit has returned!  Peaches are one of my favorites!  These would look delicious in my quilt!

Happy Sunday - my favorite day to stitch!



  1. I can't stop looking at your CWB block! Love the fabrics and especially love how you made the white grapes! Very unique!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! The grapes were fun and since I couldn't decide on white or red, I used both! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Here's a test comment.


  3. i've popped over from Kathys Slow Stitch Sunday linky . . . i know, i'm late . . . story of my life.
    this is a beautiful block and your fabric choices are really wonderful~!!

    oh yeah~!!~that bowl full of peaches would fit right in.


    1. Thanks for visiting! I hope to add those peaches to one of the upcoming blocks soon - Stay tuned.

  4. Love your grapes! Super idea to use both colors for the grapes.


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