Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th Holiday!

Happy Independence Day!  
This is a table topper I made several years ago.  It is the center block from a Piece O' Cake pattern called Land of the Free.  I really love this pattern with the red stylized tulips and the flags.  The center, which you can't see here, is a circle with a star.  This is needle turn applique (yes, even the flags) and hand quilted.
Suzi is relaxing on the flag quilt on the back of our couch.  She looks very patriotic!
I started out this morning working on the grapevine block from A Bountiful Life quilt with my morning coffee.  I really like the way this block is turning out.
And finally this is my Sweet Heart block for today.  

On July 4th we can celebrate our nation and the warm summer weather - which has returned to the east coast!  Have a safe and happy 4th with your family and friends.

Happy Stitching!



  1. What a lovely table topper, and such a wonderful picture of the cat!
    Your Bountiful Life block is lovely. I recognise the heart fabric, I used it in my CWB/Bountiful Life blocks.

  2. Love your table topper! What a nice photograph, too. I like their patterns, but not the way they teach doing the applique. I know some people swear by it, but it seems like WAY too much work to me. =)

    1. I like using the plastic overlay method if I have repeats of blocks to lay out or repeating elements in the same block (like the flags) it works well, but does add another step.


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