Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Change of Pace...

Sometimes I just need a change of pace.  Sometimes I just need to step back from my more traditional work and do some more freestyle designing.  So I started working on a new collage fish design that will become a new pattern. 
If I am planning on turning my design into a pattern, I always start with a drawing.  Here is my beginning drawing on my design table.
Next is one of my favorite steps... pulling fabrics from my stash to get an idea where I want my colors.
I then begin tracing the pattern pieces from my original drawing onto tracing paper and cutting out the fabrics so they all fit and overlap each other. At this point nothing is sewn or glued down.  We are still in the design process and things are sure to change!
The next step is to put it up on my design wall.  Designs look so much different once you put them on a design wall and can step back.  Some pieces are freeform cut from fabric and then the pattern piece needs to be made.
This piece is still in progress.... as I add pieces and audition additional fabrics....so stay tuned.

As you can see in the background, Sweet Hearts still continue to be stitched!

Happy Stitching.



  1. what a fabulous fish and the batiks are a perfect choice~!!~
    i've been wandering around your blog a bit and have been totally inspired~!


    1. Thanks - glad you enjoyed the visit! Come back soon! I LOVE batiks!!!!


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