Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes you need a Professional

Sometimes you need a professional to do a better job than maybe we can do ourselves.. even though we sometimes think we can do it all, especially when it comes to sewing.  And then there are times when you think you should leave it to the professionals and you are greatly disappointed!  Here are two examples from this past week:
I bought this cute armchair at a garage sale for $15 about 9 years ago.  It was a disaster with bright yellow chipped paint and a stinky, lumpy cushion on it.  I repainted it a nice clean white enamel and made new cushions for it.  I had never made box cushions before so I ventured into new territory. They had palm trees on them and looked great, but were getting faded and worn.  I decided to have them recovered by a professional re-upholsterer with this great fabric I found.  I love the flip-flops for the beach condo and he did such a GREAT job!!  Sometimes you just need a professional.....
So as you know, we had this great tile put into the entrance hallway in the condo.  Looks like white-washed wood and will really cut down on the wear and tear on carpeting in that area.  We went with the professionals because neither myself or my husband know how to lay tile.
We walked into the condo (we weren't there during the install - the problem with
being 3 hours away) and this is what we found.  This is the doorway into the guest room. 
This is the doorway into our master bedroom.  Not as bad.. but still cut short and ruined with adhesive and grout ground into both carpets.  And I can't show you the broken garbage disposal that happened when they dumped the waste water with grout, tile spacers, etc. down my kitchen sink....... Professionals??

Needless to say, they are installing new carpeting, free of charge, in those rooms this week.......and paying for the new garbage disposal. 
I really needed this walk on the beach Sunday morning (that's not me on the beach).  It was a great way to escape.  That and my stitching - It's what keeps me sane sometimes!

Happy Stitching!


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