Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend at the Beach

Another weekend at the beach to get our place ready for the season.  And although we were there to work I did get a chance to go for a walk on Sunday morning, which was wonderful.  With the temperatures in the 90's off shore, it was a delightful sunny 75 degrees with a wonderful ocean breeze.  Clear blue skys and no humidity.  Makes having to do anything a pleasure and not a chore. So on my walk on Sunday I went down to the beach.
Because of the huge beach we have, and the building of the dunes after Superstorm Sandy, they put in this wonderful boardwalk to take you through the dunes to the beach.
The entrance to the beach at the end of our street and the protective dunes they built after the storm.  (Luckily we sustained no damage from the storm!!)
Our huge beach - it was low tide which made it even bigger!
During the rest of my walk, I saw this beautiful planter in a garden.  Aren't the colors are just beautiful!
Back at the condo - they delivered everything for the tile installation on Saturday.  The tile will look like whitewashed wood - perfect for the beach! (note stitching supplies on the couch!)
And everthing got moved into the kitchen to make way for the new carpeting that will go in the living room.  It takes a bit of coordination when you are trying to get projects done and  you don't live there! LOL
I have a lot of quilts hanging at the condo.  This one is a pattern by Nancy Myrick called Beach Houses.
Very cute!
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab - and original design that I have available in a pattern.
Super Fish - the first fish quilt I made based on Sue Carlson's technique in her book Freestyle Quilts.
A bluework piece I made looks perfect in the bedroom!

And another Sue Carlson style quilt that hangs in the entryway.

So that is a few of the 'beach' quilts that decorate our 'beach house' : - )
Of course there was plenty of time during the car ride to stitch.  Here are the hearts I was able to finish and I also did some stitching on my Quiltmaker Bride block.

Happy Stitching!


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