Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt Show!!

It doesn't get any better than going to the first quilt show of the year with quilting friends.  We spent yesterday at The Quilt Fest of New Jersey IX and we had a wonderful time!!!  Let me share some of the fun with you...
Best of Show winner
Panic in the Pond
 by Anna Faustino, Tobyhanna, PA

Here are only a few of my favorites - Funky Baskets by Babette Galinak
This is one of the winners (Best in Show) from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest in February - AMAZING!

Karen Kay Buckley's, "Fiesta Mexico"

I wish you could see the stitching and embroidery on this quilt.  This is also a winner from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest.

Here is a photo of the back... bobbin thread matches stitching on the front of the quilt

This woman on the right said she wanted to go home 
and throw away all her fabric! Very funny - I understand 
how she felt after seeing the incredible workmanship.
Love this multiple panel quilt done by 5 quilters working from the same photo.  This is called Eureka! and is from a photo of Humbolt Bay, CA.  They all worked independently until the final piece was put together.
Of course we came to see the quilts... but really to buy fabric! (Should I show you what I bought??)
Karin and Marie finding some great quilting stuff!

Friendly vendors and plenty to buy!
We even had some show-n-tell at lunch.  Some great thread that Karin bought to applique her Sweethearts.
Cute little quilt that Dawn made - designed by her granddaughter, Emma.
Dawn also brought this beautiful Sea Dragon quilt she made.  It won a ribbon in her guild show in October!  I wish you could see all the beading!
It was a great show and we had a fun day together!
Now to put all that inspiration and fabric into future quilts!

Happy Stitching,


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