Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hearts Abound!

Exciting news this week when I received a request on Thursday from the International Quilting Festival of Ireland (IQFOI)  to exhibit several of my quilts in their "Under the Sea" exhibit.  This will be one of 19 exhibits featured at their festival in June.  Very exciting!
More hearts?  Yes, I'm afraid so.  This is Moda pattern called Fellowship table runner that I just fell in love with.  So, earlier this week I machine appliqued the stems and leaves.  I decided to just hand applique the flowers and hearts.  Just....  : - )
This morning, over my cup of coffee,  I decided to lay them on the floor to see how they looked together.  Lucy can never resist to lay on any quilt project once it hits the floor.  I guess that is her favorite block!
This looks like a nice spot to finish the blocks with a cup of tea.  (Other projects also easily in reach.)
More Sweetheart hearts being pieced together!  Row number 7!  Looks great, don't you think?
Lucy has her own heart-shaped mark on her back she wears everyday.
Baby Lucy - so sweet!

Happy Stitching,



  1. How exciting Deb - congrats! Where will the show be? I remember Lucy when she was that small:)

  2. Congratulation, that is exciting news!
    I love all your hearts! Lucy has a great taste for quiltblocks!

    1. Thanks, Pauline. I found your hearts today - they are lovely! It is such a fun project it is nice to see all the hearts being made! Keep up the good work!


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