Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilt Show..Continued

I thought I would share some more photos of some of the beautiful quilts from the Quilt Fest New Jersey IX show taken this past Friday.  Enjoy!  Wish you all could have seen them in person!
Midnight in the Garden of Cat & Iris
Judith Roderick
Amazing color and fabrics.  Love all the buttons!
Antelope Canyon 60" x 84"
Kimberly Lacy
Love the colors

Billy's Bluebirds
Ellene Mashburn Place
Small quilt, machine appliqued with unbelievable machine quilting

Redbud Ramble
Linda Roy
Tufted pink berries
Marie's Poppies
Carolyn Rider
Lollipop Trees
Mary Ellen Sample
I am working on this pattern too!
Seaweed II
Shirley Malia
This piece had incredible embellishments and unusual fabrics.  I always love the underwater themes.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this peak at the quilt show.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing other artist's creativity and incredible skill.  Now back to my own projects until the next quilt show.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I love seeing quilts, and you have a nice blog. I read backwards, and have started following you. Thank you for your reply on my blog, how exciting that you are going to start the Bountiful Life quilt! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Jane for your comments and for following my blog. I have a few other projects I need to work on before I start the Bountiful Life quilt.. but I am really enjoying watching your blocks come together as well as all the quilter's work. And I have started gathering some of the fabrics! Yours are an inspiration!


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