Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilting Day - Hooray!!!!

Happy National Quilting Day to all my fellow quilters! 

Here in the US, it is National Quilting week.. with the third Saturday of the month designated as National Quilting Day.  Many quilt shops run sales, quilt museums have free admission or special exhibits, some Web sites offer free patterns, and quilters gather to work on projects and share the love of quilting.

This is where I plan to spend the better part of the day, if I can!
This is my sewing studio in the lower level of our house. Nice working space.
Most of my fabric is in plastic storage drawers or in a cabinet.  But my batiks are all on a shelf for inspiration.  Looks like they could use some straightening!
I try to keep project fabrics neatly in baskets... but sometimes it doesn't always work.
Here is the other side of the room.  The china cabinet against the wall was my late grandmother's, circa 1930's, and holds most of my embellishments and specialty thread.  The armchair was hers as well. 
She made sure I took sewing lessons at the age of 9!
Thanks, Grandma!
I try to keep it neat.. but sometimes the project baskets and piles overtake the space.  I am sure you know how that is!  My husband and I bought that sideboard table for our first apartment.  There's the candy dish with chocolate in it for emergencies. (Yum!)

Whatever today brings you, I hope you get to do some stitching... and enjoy the day.  Seize the needle!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Wow! I love your quilting studio. I am jealous!
    Just found your wonderful blog. Very inspiring!

  2. I love your sewing space. So nice and big and full of personality - and it's neat, but not too neat :)

  3. Oh I love seeing your creative space!!! So perfect to rejuvinate this post this week!!!

    1. PS you inspire me to hang more finished pieces in my studio space...


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