Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!  
At the beginning of the year I always like to take a look back at my year in quilts.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am also looking at my UFO list! LOL 
Now this is not a complete list of everything I worked on this year, but they are some of my favorites.  When I take the time to look back I realize that I did get a lot of quilting accomplished in 2016!
My final finish for 2016 was this mini Christmas table runner or candle mat.   I enjoyed doing the big stitch quilting on it and happy to take it off my APQ UFO Challenge 2016 list.
Do you remember this list posted last January?  This was my UFO list from the All People Quilt UFO Challenge.  As you can see I got quite a few done on this list.  It was helpful to write it down..great for commitment, and to have it hanging in my studio all year as a reminder.
Some of these finishes are in the photo collage above. YAY!
Some of the unfinished projects from the 2016 list have made it onto the 2017, and that's okay.  Here is my completed APQ UFO Challenge 2017 list.  You can join the party by clicking here.
Gracie is going to be keeping count and watching to see that I stick to the list!  I think she is saying, "Com'on Mom, I know you can do it!", or she is saying, "Seriously, all this in 2017??"
Either way, it will be fun!
I hope you enjoy this first day of the new year.  Good health and happiness for everyone in 2017.  Thank you so much to my blog friends and followers for all your support, kind words, and following along on my quilting journey!

Happy Stitching!



  1. I have also joined the 2017 APQ challenge. I am looking forward to a great year of creating.

  2. Okay Okay...twist my arm...I've been sitting my the fire lazily all morning just contemplating the year ahead. My direction...ya know. Sooooo, I printed the APQ planning sheet and will see what I come up with by the end of the day. THANKS for the inspiration. Curious which quilt is in the bottom row of your picture collage, second in from the the right?? Happy Happy New Year Deb!!!

    1. Wellll Deb....I'm done with my WIP inventory....and only had six. So decided NOT to do the APQ but am set up for OMG. Feels good to have goals organized!

  3. You certainly had a lovely productive year with your quilting! Thanks for telling us about the 2017 APQ challenge, sounds a good idea, whether I would be able to stick to the timetable is another thing!
    Happy New Year!

  4. I am steering clear of a challenge list as I never seem able to stick to it, some lovely makes from 2016 an all the best for 2017

  5. I've printed my sheet and I'm pondering my UFOs - love your photo!
    Happy New Year hope its filled with lots of creative fun

  6. Great projects - you always inspire me! Happy stitching in 2017!

  7. I like the red and white piece with the 2016 year. Well done.

  8. Congratulations. Your list from last year had a lot "dones". 2017 has the potential for another year of lots of finishes. Your collage is lovely with all of your beautiful quilts. Making the list is sometimes the hardest part.

  9. Your Christmas table runner is gorgeous!


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