Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!
I finally finished my Uncle Sam table runner this morning. 6 years to get this one done! LOL  Glad it is finally finished. 
I also made this flag pillow for my front porch chair.  
Yesterday my husband took a ride to Pennsylvania to go to the Kutztown Folk Festival.  It was a good day with great temps and low humidity.  
Especially nice was the Quilt Barn that has all the quilts displayed and most are for sale.  It is a must see at the festival. 
The prize winning quilts are displayed around the room and will be auctioned off next Saturday.
It was a good day with great food, wonderful artisans, and beautiful quilts.
Hope you have a safe and happy holiday... and get to relax a little like Lucy!
Oh, and of course get to do some stitching!

Happy 4th of July,



  1. Oh how I like the pot of flowers with the flag!

  2. A pat on the back for you with your finished table runner!! Looks great!! Hope you have had a happy holiday weekend and what an amazing looking display of quilts at the Kutztown Folk Festival - wish I had been a "fly on the wall" to see this.

  3. The folk art table runner is perfect for the summer holiday. What a wonderful day to spend the day at the fair. The quilts on display are beautiful and the lone star definitely deserved that blue ribbon.


  4. Such a wonderful day. Love all the red-white-blue projects!

  5. Your projects came out great! What a wonderful day to have spent the fourth! (I'm a little jealous..teeheee)


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