Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's a Red Kinda Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I love all the red decorations this holiday brings - especially in the gray days of winter. 
I made this heart garland yesterday - isn't it cute?  I wish I could say I thought of this, but I didn't :-).  I saw it somewhere on the web, sorry can't remember where.  The one online was made of felt hearts.  
When I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day I forgot to look at the felt.  Darn!  So I decided to improvise.  Certainly I had Valentine themed fabrics.
I also knew I had some HeatnBond Ultra around somewhere.
After fusing the fabrics together and cutting them with my pinking shears, I had a nice stack of hearts. 
I selected a nice decorative stitch and began sewing them together.  One after another in a straight line.  I like that stitch... looks like x's to me - very appropriate!
I attached ribbon at each end and I was done!  So quick and easy!
In other heart related news, my girlfriend and fellow quilter, Marie, stopped by last week with her finished Sweet Hearts quilt.  Isn't it beautiful!  Now all three of us that participated in this year-long project have our quilts completed.  Great job, Marie!!
When I got up this morning I was greeted by this guy outside my kitchen window.  He must have been cold - it was -3F.  He was so pretty just sitting on that branch I  had to try to take his picture.
I also finished the 4th and last block for this Oak Leaf and Reel  wall quilt.  Today I will be working on the HST that I have made that will go in between and around the blocks. 
I have these cute vintage Valentines from when I was a kid.  I guess that makes me vintage too! LOL  I put them out every year and they make me smile.
I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day and spend it with those you love.  I will be spending it with my hubby and doing some stitching!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Thanks for sharing your heart banner...very sweet! Also Marie's quilt is 'love-ly' and finished just in the nick of time! Happy V. Day to you!

  2. Loved seeing all your red. That's a great stitch you used for your garland. It looks hand done, I have some vintage valentines too. Aren't they the best. So much better than Batman or Barbie.

  3. Love your heart garland!! Oh those vintage valentines are the best! Happy day!!!

  4. A perfect menu of Valentine goodies - thanks for the smiles!

  5. Lovely heart garland - I must remember this when Easter comes around - something my grand-daughter may like to make with me.

  6. I love the hearts. What a great idea. Beautiful oak leaf and reel block.

  7. I saw that same cardinal in my back yard... the crazy guy was out there freezing and singing :)


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