Wednesday, February 3, 2016

APQ UFO Challenge - Jan/Feb Update (A Finish - Yay!)

As mentioned back in January, I decided to participate in the All People Quilt 2016 UFO Challenge (thanks, Dawn... I think).  You can see that post here. You can also check out the challenge with the button on the right side of my blog.  Here is my update for my progress in January and the upcoming UFO for February. YAY!
I was able to finish the binding on my Antique Green Baskets quilt.  This was a pretty easy goal, I only needed to stitch down the binding... but of course it was January 30th when I finished it!
I used a black print for the back and the binding. If you remember the story of this quilt, it was inspired by an antique quilt I saw at an antique show and regretted not buying. My longarm quilter, Janice, did a beautiful job on the quilting.
I even got the label completed for the back.  Love making labels that match the front of the quilt in some way.

So here is the current UFO list that hangs in my sewing a constant reminder.
Now onto February!  The number for February was project #5.  For me this is my Bachelor Buttons quilt that has been basted and waiting to be quilting for a couple years now, at least.  This is from the book Country Inn by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  Love that book!!
It is quite wrinkled from being folded up.  And it is larger than I remember! LOL  I hope to get this machine quilted this month. That will be a challenge indeed!
This is hand appliqued and machine pieced. It certainly will be nice to get it done.  I guess I need to get the machine I use for quilting into my sewing table and get to work!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Love the antique inspired basket quilt. There's something about baskets that makes me want to keep making them. The quilting is lovely and how nice to be able to cross the January UFO off your list. February's finish is going to be awesome. I love Blackbird Designs and recognized it right away. The pink and green's makes you hope that spring is just around the corner. Have fun quilting

  2. Love the green basket quilt and your Bachelor Buttons is just awesome, congratulations on your lovely appliqué!

  3. Love your Bachelor Buttons quilt - well done for working on old projects!

  4. Oh my! Your quilts are so beautiful! I am really partial to Blackbird Designs too and I love your Batchelor Buttons quilt top - the colors are so pretty! I can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  5. You have some fabulous quilt tops waiting in the wings. Your green basket quilt is a keeper! Love it to pieces.:)

  6. Hi, Deb! I'm in love with your Bachelor Button quilt. The first time I found your blog, I went all the way back to your very first post and started reading from there. Saw this quilt, along with other hand applique projects and said to myself "This is my kinda gal" and have been following you ever since--over 2 years now. I have had this quilt earmarked in my book as one I will someday make way before I read your blog. We always seem to have similar taste. Eileen P.


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