Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finishes - Yay!

Finishes always feel good, don't they?  Sometimes I feel like I am adrift in a sea of projects and UFOs.  So when a finish comes along I feel especially good.  
I finished the binding on the Lil' Baskets quilt last night. YAY!!!  This quilt is not huge (70" x 70"), but it seemed to take forever. :-)  
Now it is ready to go on the back of the couch where the cats will sleep on it and we will get to use it occasionally.
I even like the reproduction back I selected.  With all the colors in the baskets, it was hard to choose an appropriate back.  I decided on a reproduction that complimented the borders. 
This quilt is a nice compliment to the courthouse steps quilt I made a few years ago. Ignore the leaves.. with so many trees it is hard to get a photo without them!
Both will keep us and the kitties warm on cold evenings this winter. 
 I also started this little penny rug on Halloween... and finished it on Sunday.  I  have had this pattern for a few years.  Glad I finally made it.  It was quick and fun!
Have a great week!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Oh Gosh, this is lovely, and especially with the Courthouse Steps quilt. It looks so much bigger than 70", must be all that piecing!

  2. A great finish, it is. Those blocks take forever, so no wonder you took a long time to finish it.

  3. Those little baskets are super sweet and you picked a wonderful fabric to be the alternating block. It's hard to find at something that works with so many colors. It's a great finish. Both quilts work so well together. I like the courthouse steps as well. You used tons of fabrics in two fantastic scrap quilts.

  4. What a great finish! Love those baskets so much. It's a very cozy looking quilt.:)

  5. Beautiful finishes, congratulations! Those pieces of the baskets must be really small, same for the strips of the courthouse steps. I admire your patience.

  6. Whoa! Your little basket quilt is fabulous. I love the contrast of the bright baskets and light background with the dark checkerboard. And your pumpkin is adorable. That's a lot of inspiration for one post!

  7. Great finishes! Love the quilt and the wool pumpkin is so fun!

  8. What a result! That is gorgeous! Worth the wait. Thanks for sharing!

  9. OMG I'm in love with everything in this post. That basket quilt is amazing. LOVE the pumpkin


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