Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Feel Good Quilting

I  have been in a little bit of a slump lately.  Searching my sewing room for my mojo.. I know it is down there somewhere. :-)  I am sure I will find it, it has been known to disappear from time to time. ;-)  I am sure you all understand.. :-)
Earlier this week I read a post from Pam over at Mama Spark's World.  I am a fairly recent follower and I saw the post entitled "I Need Your Help (Again)"  She was asking for some help to make some blocks for a quilt she would like to make for her priest who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Now.. that is a reality check for all of us, right?  
The blocks she was asking for were cross blocks in gray and shades of green in lime, kelly, and forest.  Hmm, I had never made this block.. so it could be a learning experience and I could help her out. Why not???

She included a link to a blog tutorial on how to make these cross blocks which was very helpful.  I learned two ways to make these and tried them both with success. 

I finished my blocks today during lunch (I only started cutting them out last night so they go really fast), sizing them to the 9 1/2" high she requested.  I will drop them in the mail to her tomorrow.  She needs them by November 6. 

So if you are looking for some feel good sewing that you can whip up in a jiffy - check out her blog.  I am sure she will be happy to hear from  you.  

And isn't it nice to help out someone you barely know... and indirectly, someone going through a difficult time.  Quilting brings so many people together.  My prayers for her priest will be sent along with my blocks. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Awe, Deb, thank you so much! Father C will be so appreciative and so am I. I have received 2 sets of blocks from some other friends so far. I'm anxious to begin putting this together. Thank you again for your generosity.

  2. Great looking blocks and for a very nice cause. Good luck on finding your mojo. I read your comment on Diane's blog too and I know people don't agree with the starting a new project but mindless sewing or the kind of sewing you just did can sometimes work wonders for me!

  3. That's so wonderful when lots of people try to help somehow others. I know this is not of a big help, but the priest will be happier no matter he is ill.


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