Saturday, July 11, 2015

"I Am a Procrastinator"

There.. I said it out loud.  I  have a girlfriend who insists that I work better under pressure.  She is probably right.  
Remember this fabric from a post back in APRIL?  I mentioned that I needed to make a baby quilt.... well guess what.  Fast forward almost 3 months and the baby is almost due (August 6).  And I am hosting a "Baby Sprinkle" at work for this little one in a little over a week!  No Pressure!!!  (why do I always do this to myself?)
It's not quite as bad as it sounds.  A few weeks ago (LOL) I started cutting out this quilt. It's a pretty simple design... but I have no pattern.
I found this quilt on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  And since the new mom has decided on lavender for her baby girl's room, I knew it would be perfect.  As I said, there was no pattern available for this quilt so I realized I would have to draft my own.  I always feel uncomfortable doing that, so I contacted the designer and asked her permission to draft a copy of her design.  She graciously said yes, as long as I didn't sell the pattern.  No worries on that. 
I changed the design to a different size and some additional design changes were made.  Once I had the pattern drawn out and the tree branch sewn down, I started adding the leaves.
I don't typically use fabric spray adhesive, but in some cases it is the best alternative to fusible.  I didn't want the stiffness you can get from fusible web.  And since this is a baby quilt, I wanted to keep the fabric as soft as possible.  I just needed to hold the leaves in place until I could stitch them down.  This worked perfectly. 
Once they were all in place I could stitch around each leaf to raw edge applique them to my background.  I like the look of the raw edge leaves here. 
Next came the owls.  Making sure they were the right size for the tree branch, I drew them out onto freezer paper to make my pattern pieces. 
I don't think I will have too much trouble with these bird feet! LOL

Please,  if you see a design you like, do the right thing and contact the designer before copying.  We all like to share and we all are inspired by many.  But please check first before copying an original design. 

I need to get sewing!!! 

Happy Stitching!



  1. This is adorable and you are doing a wonderful job with it. I have never tried the spray, but I'm tempted.

  2. I do better under pressure too....probably why list making helps me...anyhoo....this is adorable Debra!!! It will be fun to quilt!!

  3. Super cute and your choice of fabrics are so fresh and match the whimsy of the design.

  4. You remind me of the way my mom used to be! Working under pressure.:) This is going to be a really great quilt.:)

  5. This is a very cute quilt....sure that it will be well received and loved forever.


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