Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July 4th to Everyone in the US!

Lucy and her friend Mr. Frog want to wish all of her friends a very happy July 4th!  She doesn't like the fireworks too much, but she does like all the red and white stripes in the flags!
We are having a very rainy 4th here in New Jersey.. and I think most of the Northeast.  Good day to stay inside and sew.
I have embroidered the crest on top of my peacock's head.  It looks more appropriate than the pattern, which had an applique piece that looked more like a chicken comb.  
You can see an actual peacock crest here.  We used to live not far from a peacock farm.. beautiful birds, but boy are they noisy! LOL
I will finish up the tail feathers today.  And maybe start the next block - Assorted Bouquet.
I traced the pattern to my pieced background.  Since it is such a dark and rainy day today I had to get a little creative.  I don't own a lightbox so I lowered my sewing machine into my table and placed a light under the plexiglass insert.  It worked great and I just needed to move my pattern and fabric around so it was over the light.  Easy-peasey!  Just be careful the light doesn't get too hot.. it could warp the plexiglass. :-)
Lucy hopes you enjoy the weekend and have a safe and festive July 4th holiday!  She is just going to spend it on her flag quilt on the back of the couch....
Until she gets tired of Mr. Frog and pushes him off the couch!

Happy Independence Day!
Happy Stitching!



  1. Happy 4th to you, too, Debra! Good idea about getting around the lightbox. I hadn't thought of that before. Another resource to keep in my file.


  2. I love your cat, Lucy! My favorite cat, Pumpkin, looked just like her (without the orange smudge by her mouth). I still miss him.
    Have a wonderful Fourth of July.

  3. Thank you for the festive 4th of July present--Lucy, of course. And that fabric for the peacock beak is quite wonderful.

  4. Cute pic of Lucy and Mr. Frog. I like your peacock crest much better. Hope the rain didn't spoil your 4th plans.

  5. I wish you could have seen me laugh immediately upon visiting your post! THANKS for the smile! Your applique is looking as beautiful as always:)


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