Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp Update - Weeks 14 - 18

My, how time has flown (no pun intended).  I truly feel like I have been living in a time warp the past month.  I have, a least, been keeping up with my stars for Stars in a Time Warp quilt along, and now it's time to bring you up to date!
My collection of blocks from weeks # 14 - 18.  I love pairing these Stars in a Time Warp blocks with our antique clocks.  You can click on the title of each week to link back to Civil War Quilts to learn more.
Week 14 was Rainbow or Ombre Prints. You can see the shaded stripes in both of these blocks. 
Week 15 was woven plaids.  While I am sure there are some great wovens out there, they have not made it into my stash.  I decided to skip this week.  I  knew I would make up for is somewhere along the way!
Week 16 was Paisleys.  Paisley adds a nice texture to quilts.  I had quite a variety to chose from as you can see in these two blocks.
Week 17 was Conversation Prints.  Oh boy!  Love these little prints in quilts.  You can see I made 5 blocks using various 'conversationals".  They are described as "prints featuring figures of recognizable objects other than florals and abstract geometrics."  Let's take a closer look at these!
  Both of these fabrics are from Minick and Simpson, from several years ago.
Engraving of a cat drinking out of a tea cup.  LOVE this and have used it in several quilts.
So cute.
Wonderful image of sledding.. or is that a toboggan??
Another unique engraving.  This looks like someone being pushed on a barrel.  
This may be considered a sporting print, a subcategory of conversationals.
The last one is bows and pins.  This is a current fabric from Laundry Basket Quilts.
This week, Week 18 of the quilt along, is California Gold (1850 - 1890's).  Described as an intense gold. 

What an education and I am having so much fun at the same time!

Happy Stitching!



  1. These reproduction fabrics are beautiful - so diverse.

  2. You've discovered some wonderful fabrics in your stash. The quilt-along is a great historical lesson. I just got started this week and I'm having a blast.

  3. Love your fabric combinations. The scale and colors are so interesting!

  4. The cat drinking out of the teacup is very special! Great fabric use.:)

  5. wonderful stars! I like your play on value!

  6. Neat themes to guide you! I find it interesting and fun, and can imagine a mystery quilt doing this. Lucky you have such a wide variety of fabrics to pick from. I would hate having to go in search of XYZ each time.

    And a good example of stash envy, Debra. I love your reproduction fabrics!


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