Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Overwhelmed...but Making Progress

I am still feeling overwhelmed at work and thus not a lot of time for blog writing or even blog reading.  It's just a busy time and it will pass.  However, my sewing room is even overwhelming to me at the moment and has become more of a source of stress than solace.  
So, over the long weekend, when I tried to unplug from everything, I decided to try to get a sense of accomplishment by focusing on a UFO.  Notice I did not say UFOs (plural) .....too stressful.  But if I could focus on one and make some progress, I knew I would feel better.
Do you remember these sweet little baskets?  Hmmm, the date on the photo above might give you a clue. :-)  I started these a long time ago... I actually talked about them in my first blog.  That was August, 2012!  You can see that post here.  It's about time I finished this quilt.
So, I dug into my basket of completed blocks and started sewing them together.
Row after row.. until I was about out of blocks.  Oh, and guess what - I need to make more baskets.  9 more baskets to be exact.
By the looks of what is left over, I definitely need to concentrate on colors other than red or peach.  Some nice cool blues or greens, maybe even a yellow are definitely in order and greatly needed. 
Unfortunately, I did not get the quilt totally pieced together this weekend, but I did make some good progress and I am working on my additional blocks in the evenings.  I also pulled out this wonderful Moda fabric by 3 Sisters called Papillon that I bought a few years ago when one of my favorite shops was closing.  It will be perfect for the borders. 
In other 'need to make more' news... I thought I had all of my flower blocks for the Audrey's Flowers quilt almost done.  I had even taken them to a LQS for help with the setting triangles and borders.  The gals at Quilting Possibilities were very helpful.. and I came home with some great ideas.  Then I realized that I was short by 6 blocks.  Could I have miscounted?? It's possible.  Had I put them in another basket? another bag? No.. if I had them at all .. and that is questionable.. I didn't have them any longer.  So I prepped 6 more flower blocks.  
But in the "I finally got it done" category.. my Cake Stand quilt is finally pieced together and ready for the longarm quilter to do her magic. 
I haven't made mitered corners in awhile!

So, just remember...... 
 Happy Stitching!


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  1. It looks like you've made great progress despite feeling overwhelmed. There is nothing quite like that feeling of thinking you can finish and then not having enough blocks!

  2. Just remember that progress is good and quilts don't have expiration dates! Enjoy the process and think how much more you will appreciate it once it's finished. The baskets are very sweet.

  3. Hi, Deb! Don't feel bad. I started my basket quilt about the same time as you and just got it back from my longarmer a couple of weeks ago. Still have to put the binding on. Made mine with oranges, blacks and lots of other fall colors. Love the softness of your color choices! Eileen

  4. That's exactly how I have to handle UFO's Debra! One at a time, like eating an elephant :*) Your cakestand quilt is totally awesome - you've obviously put a lot of love and work into that beauty!!!

  5. You need a well deserved pat on the back! I find I become stressed when I have too much on the go with
    to many quilts waiting to be quilted or just, like yourself, a few more blocks needed to finish up.

  6. Wow...after reading about all of your progress, I feel the need to take a nap! I love your positive approach. Unfortunately when I'm overwhelmed, I usually start a new quilt.

  7. Your "one at a time" approach certainly seemed successful. Look at what you accomplished. I loved Diane's comment about no expiration date. :0). Enjoy!

  8. I really love that cake stand quilt. That border fabric was the perfect choice for the border. I'm still trying to make the Trick or Treat baskets. The handles are difficult for me. Any tips?

  9. There seems to be a running theme among bloggers this week. Finish up the UFO's. Mary Huey at Quilting through Rose Colored Trifocals says it's kind of a full moon thing for her, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually accurate. I hope you get in the groove while you're finishing, and not rush the process. It's a positive stroke for your psyche knowing your on the right track, and following your deep need to get some things out of the way.

    I'll be thinking of you, and wish you an easy road of progress.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


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