Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp - Update: Weeks 11, 12, & 13

I really like Wednesdays!  Not just because it typically is the day I work from home.. but I know that I will have a new block from the Stars In A Time Warp quiltalong to work on!  I have not posted an  update in a few weeks so I have some to share.
Again, it is hard for me to just limit myself to one block each week. :-)
Week 11 was Purple - one of my favorite colors.  I had been waiting for this!
I tried to use all my repro purple fabrics in these blocks.
The fabrics changed in week 12 from color to style.  Foulards were introduced as the style that week.
Think traditional men's ties.  Foulard-style prints have an offset or half drop repeat pattern.
 I tried to use a foulard-style print in all parts of my stars - the center, points and background.

The pattern this week is Printed Plaids. Now, did Barbara Brackman pick plaids, also called tartans, because it is Tartan Week in New York City? :-)
Apparently our family tartan is a Bruce tartan in red, green and white.
I know this because at one time I was trying to make a kilt for my brother....
It's very complicated and I finally persuaded him that he needed a professional kilt maker. :-)  I needed to stick to quilting!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Bravo for even attempting a kilt! Those seem so much more complicated than a quilt. Your star blocks are lovely, and how fun to have something to do each week like that!

  2. Lovely tartan. We have a blue family tartan and my mother in law actually wove the fabric for a kilt - but she then had it professionally made - which only goes to show how tricky it is!

  3. Great blocks - what a treat to drool over! I did not know NYC had an entire Tartan Week - what fun! I have never owned any family heritage plaid - maybe I should!

  4. I really like your star blocks as well. I'm super impressed that you would attempt a kilt.

  5. I can't believe you already have a plaid star block completed. I'm going to have to dig a little deeper in the stash to find an example. It's there, just down really deep. All of your purple blocks are a great example of fabrics from the past. Great job.

  6. great stars! your combinations are wonderful.
    wow - that Kilt making is incredible!!
    did you use the 'whole nine yards' ?

  7. I love your stars. Beautiful colors and fabrics. Hugs,

  8. Great stars!
    That you would attempt a kilt is pretty amazing!


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