Monday, April 6, 2015

Garden Update and Quilters are the NICEST People!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous Easter!  The sun was shining most of the day here and we are finally without any trace of snow!  
I did some work on the My Enchanted Garden quilt.  This is block number 6 - Bountiful Tree.  I wanted to work on this rabbit; thought it was appropriate for the day!  I made one small, but important change.
You can see here that the rabbit in the pattern doesn't have a tail...  ???  How can that be?
I felt that this poor little bunny just had to have a tail.  You can see I added a nice tan tuft on his back end. LOL
I am adding the grapes and berries... and some embroidery details to some of the leaves.
Now for the Quilters are the nicest people part.... but you already knew that, right?
I received in the mail on Saturday an envelope from Diane at Butterfly Threads Quilting.  If you remember, Diane was the winner of my National Quilting Day giveaway
She was so appreciative and happy with her prize, she sent me three of her patterns as a Thank You!  Is that not the nicest thing!!!???
Thank you Diane!!!  I love the patterns!
You can see these and more of Diane's patterns by clicking here.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Little bunny definietly needed a fluffy tail!! Quilty blogger's are the best!! I enjoy Diane's blog as well.

  2. Your garden is adorable! and yes, the bunny needs a fluffy tail! how nice of Diane

  3. What a delightful and colorful garden. Glad you added the tail :0). You've mixed both the cottons and wools in a wonderful way.

  4. What a difference a tail makes! Every bunny need one... :o) Gorgeous applique Deb.. love the mix of wool and cotton too. Super cute kitty quilt in your last post too... great colours. xxx

  5. Delightful garden! There's a story within that little garden, I'm sure!


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