Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lucy Has Selected a Winner... (not really, but she thinks so)

First and foremost I want to thank everyone that commented on Lucy's National Quilting Day blog. Lucy and I really enjoyed hearing about everyone's plans for the day on Saturday, or even Sunday! She especially loved hearing words like "adorable" "cute" and "wise". :-)  There were a lot of different ways that quilters celebrated National Quilting Day.  I spent the day in my sewing studio working on something that I can't show you yet... and of course, my assistant kept an eye on me. 
Now for the giveaway!!  The magic number generator (although I let Lucy think she picked) chose lucky # 17 as the winner.  And that winner is Diane who blogs over at Butterfly Threads Quilting.  (Check out her blog - it's fabulous!!) Congratulations Diane!  I will send out your gift in the next day or so.  Now.. what has Diane won?
Lucy had some suggestions for a fabulous gift!  The first one was her little Fat Cat toy - which she insisted anyone would love!! 
Afterall, she loved it and there was somewhat of a likeness...  I told her I thought that probably wouldn't be a good choice.
Her next suggestion was her favorite purple straw.  I told her while I am sure anyone would appreciate that wonderful color, she should probably hold onto that. 
She also thought her crocheted fishy was a purrfect gift.

While I made some other selections for our winner, she insisted that if I couldn't include any of the prizes above, at least I could include some cute kitty fabric.  (Again... her choices with some kitties that look vaguely familiar) :-)
So Diane will be receiving a colorful handmade pin cushion, flower head pins, and two Lucy endorsed fat quarters (hopefully without cat hair!).  Thanks again to everyone who commented.  I loved hearing from all of you!!
Lucy was exhausted by the end of the day.. but wanted to thank eveyone too!!!

Happy Stitching,

Deb (and Lucy)


  1. Oh my goodness, please tell Lucy that my Luna would have LOVED any of her choices! Although we have pink straw that seems to be her favorite at the moment. LOL
    What a fabulous prize, I am SO THRILLED that Lucy chose me as the winner, she is clearly as smart as she is gorgeous.

  2. Your Lucy is as "bad" as my Jackson!! Both add such delight to our days and blogs don't they! Congrats to Diane!


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