Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Heart Sunday

We are back from vacation and I did a lot of stitching while we were away, but of course not nearly enough!  I always seem to bring about a month's worth of projects for a 5-6 day trip!  But I did get caught up on my Sweet Hearts... and then some!
I made a total of 22 hearts, along with working on the strawberry block and I also was able to get two quilts basted together.  I basted the monkey baby quilt and also the bachelor buttons quilt I finished piecing.... uhhh... let's just say awhile ago.  I don't have any pictures, unfortunately.  But the basting went much faster without any kitty-helpers!

So, do you baste with a needle and thread, do you pin, or do you use basting spray, etc.?  I would be interested to hear how you baste your quilts together.  Like most quilters, it is my least favorite part of quilting.  In fact I dread it! :-)  Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
Here are the blocks I made to remember our beach vacation.  Love the summer themes.
Enjoy what is left of the last weekend of summer, Fall is just around the corner!
I'll be thinking of my toes in the sand when it is freezing outside and there is snow on the ground! :-)

Happy Stitching!


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  1. Hi, love the pics of your holiday, fabulous spot, also like the strawberry block - basting wise I use spray on anything a metre square or less, anything larger goes on my Grace hand quilting frame. Not saying I hand quilt everything (fat chance of that happening!) but it does come in handy for thread basting - or pinning - without breaking my back. I expect it will come in handy for actual quilting when I learn how to sew on a frame, and in every direction........which I can't - yet. By the way, it makes a great hammock for the cats if I leave a quilt in there! Elaine


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