Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beach Escape

We are at the beach this week.  Which happens to be one of my favorite places to stitch!  After all the summer rental guests are gone, and most of the tourists have returned home, we take our week while the weather is still beautiful and the island is peaceful.
This way to the beach!
This is where I enjoy spending a lot of my time.  On our deck with a view of the ocean....ahhhhh.
And of course doing a lot of this.....  I brought two friends with me since the kitties aren't with us. :-)
One of our favorite things to do when we are not at home relaxing is to take a trip to Cape May.  A beautiful historic town with lots of Victorian architecture.  This is Beach Avenue along the ocean.
Lots of beautiful restored homes and inns.
And of course shopping on the Washington Street Mall.  There is a great cross-stitch shop here, Stitch by Stitch, along with other gift shops and clothing stores.  We had the best gelato here!
We also stopped to check out the carriage horses.  Beautifully adorned with flowers!
But check out those hooves - now that is a pedicure!!!  LOL
A trip to Cape May is never complete without a stop at one of my favorite shops - The Whale's Tale.  Lots of beachy stuff in here!
Back home and back to my stitching.  Looks like I need another cup of coffee!

Maybe today we'll get to the beach (fingers crossed!)

Happy Stitching!


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