Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monkey Business.....

What is this you ask?  Monkeys of course!!!  
I took some time this week to start a baby quilt for a gal I work with and who also happens to be Karin's daughter.  She is having a baby boy in December and I thought I should get this adorable monkey quilt started.  
This is a cute pattern called Peekaboo Monkeys, from the book Quilting for Baby.
Jaime (the mom-to-be) has chosen monkeys as the theme of her nursery.

Remember this from a previous post?  The fabrics going into the washing machine. 

 I also found the perfect backing fabric with monkeys on it, of course.
I traced the pattern on fusible web, cut out the fused shapes and then build the monkey faces on my Applique Pressing Sheet.  This special non stick fabric sheet is coated with polylon.  Once all the pieces are in place, I can fuse the whole piece together.
Once you fuse together your design, you can then lift it off the sheet.  The fusible web will not stick to the sheet.  Easy-peasy!
Here are my three little monkey faces.  Eyelashes, mouths and noses will be added by machine later when I machine buttonhole stitch around all the shapes.
Here is the quilt pieced together... now I just need to buttonhole stitch round the monkeys and add the face details.  So cute!

Happy Stitching!


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