Wednesday, August 21, 2013

31.... and Counting!

Today is my husband's and my 31st wedding anniversary!  To commemorate this day I wanted to make a special Sweet Heart block to mark the occasion.  Earlier in the week I started to think what my Sweet Heart block should look like.  I tried several fabrics, etc and nothing seemed right.
I decided that something with our initials embroidered on it would fit the bill...  But of course I had not touched the embroidery piece on my Viking Designer SE since I bought it three and a half years ago!  (By the way - if you look closely at the wedding picture on the left, you will see a very plump Matron of Honor - she was seven months pregnant with her first child!)  
Getting back to the embroidery....  So I decided this was something I need to explore.  I attached the embroidery arm and after some time and trial and error, I was very pleased with the result!  Not bad for my first attempt at machine embroidery, right?  I chose a lavender batik because our wedding colors were periwinkle and pink.
Also earlier in the week, I had sewn together the next row of Sweet Hearts and was ready to add it to the quilt.  Don't pay attention to the fact that I have the row facing in the wrong direction, it ended up sewn on the quilt correctly!  And of course anytime you put anything on the floor.. it draws a kitty crowd.
Soon, the word was out and everyone wanted to get into the act.
Lucy decided this was hers... Maybe because of the heart shaped mark on her back. Or maybe she had heard about the fan mail Abby was receiving from my Pets On Quilts entry.  You can vote for Abby - #44!
So Happy Anniversary to my own sweetheart.  It is our special day!


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