Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pair of Golden Eagles block - Done!

I have finished the Golden Eagles block from the Bountiful Life (CWBQ) quilt.  I am pleased with the way the block turned out, but I can't say it has been one of my favorites to work on. 
Now onto the next block.  I am not sure I will do them in order.... I keep thinking of that bowl of peaches on my kitchen windowsill.....
The block is sitting on a quilted table topper that is used on my coffee table.  I did make some changes to the original pattern, adding under feathers in brown and adding the separate beaks.  The original pattern had these all as one piece.. and they looked like blobs to me!
Detail of eagle on the left.  I decided to embroider their eyes.
I think the talons were the hardest part.
If I wasn't skilled at appliquing leaves before, I certainly will be after this!

I snapped this photo of Lucy over the weekend.  She is either going for a new look..... or she thinks my husband is keeping the air conditioning too low!!  She is a character..
Thankfully we have gotten a break from the heat today - hope it lasts!

Happy Stitching!



  1. That is so beautiful done !! I just love how you did those tiny legs !

  2. I like the changes you made. The beaks look great! There's nothing like this kind of project to improve our applique skills.


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