Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A lot going on and getting ready to leave!

Well, it has been awhile and so much has been going on.. I can't even begin.  Let's just say it has been incredibly busy.  Aside for all the things that life throws at you, there is always stitching going on...  I have a couple of new small quilts that I have been 'playing' with lately.
Little bird with a nest made of lace

I have been using old lace, doilies, and antique buttons on some small quilts. (for some reason photos are loading sideways <sigh>)

I also have been working on a table runner for a gal I work with that is retiring the end of this month.  I asked all 120 department members to sign quilt blocks.  Claire loves ice cream... thus the ice cream themed runner.

 And of course the label..

And there have also been lots of baskets

Also, getting ready to leave for our cruise!  I have prepped a lot of stitching to take with me. 
Happy Stitching!

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