Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quilt Along Update - CHILDHOOD

So I have been working on the June (month #2) theme for the Gwennie Marston Inspired Medallion QAL.  The first border theme was chosen by Cynthia over at wabi-sabi quilts.  She chose the theme of CHILDHOOD.  I needed to give this some thought.
I grew up in New Jersey (still live here!) in a working class suburb where my great-grandparents immigrated to in the late 1800's.  We were about 45 minutes from New York City. My childhood was pretty simple living in a small cape cod home with my parents and older brother in a small town.
Our family was small and most of my extended family lived within 3 miles of us.  Holidays and Sunday dinners were always fun and I learned a lot from my Mom, grandmothers, and great-aunt.  That is me on the left.  I think that must be a home-made Easter bonnet on my head. LOL

However, when I think about what from my childhood has had the most impact on me, I would have to say learning to sew.  Learning to sew and tapping into my creative side started a lifelong love of fabric, sewing and eventually quilting.  This is a picture of me with the first dress I made.  Looks a little short.. hahahahahaha.

As I have mentioned on this blog before, my paternal grandmother thought that all young girls should learn to sew.  I also think she saw a future opportunity to tap into those skills and have me help her with some sewing projects! LOL  So at age nine, she enrolled me in sewing classes at the Singer Sewing Center downtown.  I spent some of my summer vacation at her house (across town) would take the bus from her house to downtown for my sewing lessons.  I still have my turquoise sewing box that I took with me.

So for my Childhood theme borders, I chose a wonky border made using sewing themed fabrics and also some fabrics that reminded me of fabrics I may have used at that time.
The red print here kind of reminds of those red patch pockets on my dress.

I added a second border with pins on it to finish off the SEWING theme.
Now onto this month's theme - Log Cabins.  Oh boy, this was my sewing table over the weekend.  Still looks pretty much the same and I won't show you the rest of the room!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Hi, Debra! My sewing space looks like that sometimes too. Just put a sign on the pile that says "Caution--Genius at Work!" Best Wishes, Eileen P.

  2. I have a pile like that too as I'm playing with making strip blocks from my buckets of strips....inbetween everything else I have going on! LOL!! oh how very much I enjoyed your story....Wish I had joined this....looks like such fun with the individual themes. (I would love to see your whole sewing room!!) :)V

  3. Your basket is lovely and I enjoyed your story with pictures. Yes, I have a mess next to my sewing machine also.

  4. interesting reading about days gone by sounds a lovely childhood you had. Liking the wonky border, scraps make the most amazing blocks etc

  5. I just love your photos and stories! What a wonderful way to express the theme of this round on the quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a delightful post. Your family photos are reminiscent of my own. It's so nice that you still have that original sewing box and that your grandma started you off into the creative world of sewing. So glad you posted your sewing room pic. It makes me feel normal.

  7. Grandmas who taught us how to sew are the best! I love this post and your border is fabulous with the meaningful funky vintagey fabrics. So glad you are sewing along!

  8. The wonkiness of the border plays so well with the applique. VERY Gwennie. And I'm also certain I see an orange cat hiding in those strips...

  9. What a nice family story. I learned to sew from my mother when I was twelve. I started sewing projects, got frustrated when it didn't work out well and had my mom finish it most of the times!!! Started finishing things when I moved out and mom was a bit far away! Love your sewing box. My mom had exactly the same in white. Your fabrics are a great choice!

  10. I love your "childhood" story and border!!


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