Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ever Feel Intimidated by a Machine?

Have you ever felt this way?  This is what I have felt like lately. 
Now I am not a novice to sewing.. been doing it about 47 years.  (Eek!  How did that happen?)

I actually owe my sewing start to my grandmother who insisted that 'girls should know how to sew'.  So she enrolled me in summer sewing classes and on the bus I went to the Singer sewing store downtown.  Thanks, Grandma!! (RIP)

Singer Stylist 237
I don't remember the exact model I learned on in class, but I found this photo on the internet of the model of my mom's first sewing machine... which became my first sewing machine about the same time.  My mother was not a sewist. :-) 
It did straight and zig-zag stitching.  Adjustments were limited to tension, stitch length, stitch width and needle position.  I used that machine until the mid-1980's.
About a month ago I traded in my Viking for a brand new Bernina 770 QE.  I wasn't planning on buying a new machine... but you know how that goes.  It was a great deal on a show demo... yatta, yatta, yatta. 

When I unpacked the machine and turned it on I was feeling a bit like Lucy in the picture above.  Totally intimidated by this new machine.  My Viking was only 7 years old, but we had become such familiar old friends.  You know that feeling, right?  When I try to explain this to my non-quilting friends they look at me a little strange and just shake their heads in agreement.. but I know they have no clue what I am talking about and probably think I am more than a little strange. To have such a 'close relationship' with a machine can't be normal.  LOL
So today Bernie and I are going on a road trip to my local dealer for some machine lessons.  She is a big girl and will be a challenge to get in and out of the car and into the store.  But hopefully by the end of the day we will be better friends and I won't have that same look on my face as Lucy does.

Wish me luck!

Happy Stitching,

Deb & Bernie

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Birthday Week!

Notice I didn't say my birthday.. as in a single day.  It should be a week long event, right? LOL
I went to my favorite quilt shop yesterday - Pennington Quilt Works.  They offer a birthday coupon, so I'd be crazy to pass that up!  Here is what made it into my bag - mostly 1/4 yard cuts and most on sale too, and some other gotta have items. Yay!
My birthday was on Tuesday.  This is what I came home to after work - isn't my husband the best?  Makes me feel really special on my birthday.
We went out to one of my favorite restaurants - Pandan Room, where I had the Lombok Tilapia - delicious!  John had the lamb shank which had a wonderful ginger sauce.  The restaurant in a byob - which I love. A nice glass (or two) of a Sauvignon Blanc and it was a fabulous meal!
My sweet husband did exactly as I asked him, no cake - just a cupcake. (Portion control!) Mine, of course came with a candle.  Chocolate with chocolate icing - it doesn't get any better. 
Enjoy your Sunday. I am heading to my sewing room with my bag of goodies.  I have fabric to fondle!

Happy Stitching!


Friday, April 1, 2016

How Can it Be April Already?

I am not sure where the rest of March went since my last post... Eek!  A lot has been going on...  I guess I need to give you an update!  Work has been busy.. .but I suppose no one wants to hear about that! LOL
Let me start off with my March finish for the APQ UFO Challenge 2016 and the OMG (One Monthly Goal) link up.  I was able to get my Audrey's Flowers quilt totally pieced together.  Ta-Da!!!
I really struggled on what fabric to use for the setting triangles and the border.  I had originally purchased this fabric from one of my LQSs.  The ladies there were very helpful.  I liked it, but something about it bothered me.  I finally realized that the tan fabric looked too formal for my style of flowers and the border was too 'solid'.
I finally decided on these two fabrics... pulled from my stash.  The tan is much more primitive, like my flowers and the border has that same tan in the small flower.  Done!  This choice felt so much better!
I also never shared the awesome time or all the wonderful quilts that Dawn and I saw at the AQS show in Lancaster two week ago... where does the time go?
Or some of the great fabrics I picked up for the vendors there!
The show was great and it is always a treat to connect with quilting buddy!
It looks like Dawn is already looking forward to next year's show - I know I am!
Another finish for March!  I finished the wool Colorful Daisies candle mat just in time for Easter!
I totally forgot that the linkup for the OMG challenge closes BEFORE the end of the month.. so I need to get better at that!  My project for April is Stars in a Time Warp.  I am eager to get these blocks sewn together!

Happy April!
Happy Stitching!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I have to honor my Irish heritage by wearing green today and by wishing all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 I made some Irish Soda bread last night.  One for the office and one for home.  Can't wait to cut into these!  I have a wonderful recipe made with lots of butter and buttermilk so it isn't dry.
 Also, I have been working on the Colorful Daisies candle mat that I picked up the pattern for at the quilt show last week.  The green in this picture is a little off.  It is more like the green below - bright and cheery!
Very colorful daisies (thus the name - lol) and really puts me in the mood for Spring!
Another pincushion?!  Yes, they are my weakness and you can never have too many pincushions in my book!  I made this one last week.  I saw something similar online somewhere, but unfortunately I can't remember if it was on a blog, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Sorry,  I would like to give credit if it was yours.

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!  Erin Go Bragh!

...and Happy Stitching!



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