Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Trip to Lancaster, PA

I'm a little late posting about this short trip to Lancaster, PA that my DH & I took last week for our wedding anniversary.  It is about a 2 1/2 hour trip from our home in Northwestern New Jersey down to the beautiful farmland of Lancaster County, PA.  We have been going there for years and thought it would be a nice get away for a couple of days.  Of course, as anyone who lives in the Eastern PA, New Jersey, Delaware knows, there is an abundance of quilt shops in the area. Yah!!
My first stop was at Zook's Fabrics in Intercourse, PA.  A huge a selection of fabrics, friendly staff, great prices.  Most fabrics are $8.49 or less a yard.  And these are current fabrics.  They even have a large selection of sale fabrics in the back of the quilt fabric section.  
Almost directly across the street is The Old Country Store.  I have been shopping at this store for 25+ years.  Last year the store was closed (much to everyone's disappointment!!!)  It is a beautiful shop in a historic building.  Thankfully someone bought the shop in May and it reopened. 
They also have an awesome online store - great prices and really fast service.  (I don't get a commission - just love promoting great fabric websites!)
You can see a railing in the lower right of this picture where the local Amish hitch their buggys.
If you are in Intercourse, PA you have to stop at this shop - the selection is amazing and again, the prices are mostly under $9.00 a yard.  They graciously allowed me to take a photo of part of the quilt shop.  They also sell finished quilts and wonderful gifts in the front of the store.  The second floor houses a quilt museum with free admission.  A must see!
We also visited Village Quilts, directly across from the Old Country Store in the Kitchen Kettle Village.  While this is not a quilt store, they have beautiful finished quilts and quilted gifts for sale. 
Friday morning we headed down to the Central Market in downtown Lancaster.  This is the oldest continually run farmer's market in the United States.  I wish I could share all the delightful aromas and wonderful sights that this market had to offer.
The produce, spices, teas, cheeses and meats were wonderful!  Another must see!
So of course you are asking, "Where's the Fabric???" LOL  I got mostly half yard cuts of some great contemporary fabrics.... and a few reproductions. :-)  My DH was so patient - 4 quilt shops in total over 2 days.  What a guy!!  He really knows how it indulge my passion for fabric!
We had a great time!  Greetings from Kitchen Kettle Village!!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Design Wall Wednesday

Just a quick update on what is happening on my design wall lately.  I feel like I have really been neglecting my blog lately.
 I have been working on the Liberated Star blocks.  Some new additions to the design wall.  I am not sure when I am going to stop... I just love making these fun and colorful stars.  I currently have about 30 blocks done.  They measure 9 inches finished.
No longer on the design wall, but I did finish the table topper from 4 of these blocks.  I big stitched with black perle cotton around each star and inside the center square. 
Looks great on our coffee table.
And... a table runner for a gal at work who just bought her first house.  Her kitchen cabinets are painted that teal color, the walls are the avocado green and tan.  Nice!
And last, but not least, some funky houses on an antique cutter quilt background,
Tomorrow is our 32nd wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

Friday, August 15, 2014

RSC - August is Bright & Light Green!

The color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is bright and light green.  I love green! It is the color of nature, Spring, and the color that I seem to have the most of in my stash!  Remember this is the Rainbow STASH Challenge for me!  So it was great to dig out any light greens that were fresh, modern and bright.
Here are my green blocks for this month.  Just love the fabrics in these blocks!  Green can be both vibrant and soothing. 
Close ups of the individual blocks
Our master bedroom is painted a soothing light green.  So pretty - I never get tired of it.
For those of you who may have noticed that I didn't post my July red blocks - here they are!
Have a great weekend!  We are having company - my brother, my sister-in-law, my cousin & his girlfriend are coming for a visit.  So I won't be stitching much, spending more time in the kitchen and relaxing on the deck with them!
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pets on Quilts Show 2014 is here!!

The Pets on Quilts Show 2014 is well underway at Lily Pad Quilting.  I have been wondering why Lucy has been meowing up a storm since Friday.  Then I realized I had not posted anything yet for this once-a-year, super-cute, parade of pets that you will ever see!  I needed to get her entered as soon as possible!
Lucy is my biggest quilt helper.  So this year she has the honor of being my cover-cat :-)  in the cats on quilts 'cat'egory. LOL
She does not take this honor lightly.  Quilt block selections are hard and can mean really having to get down close to her work.
Putting the rows together is also a big responsibility....
Then she has to check my quarter inch seam allowances to make sure they are spot on!
Of course.. the first step to any quilt is the fabric selections.
Finally! Arranged and pieced together.  I don't know what I would do without her help!
After a hard day's work, the best part is just being able to look out the window....
or curl up in a quilt.

Check out all the pets and pet themed quilts at Lily Pad Quilts and vote for your favorite.  Lucy won't mind if you vote for her.  She has a long career ahead of her as a quilting assistant.

Happy Stitching



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