Sunday, September 25, 2016

Summer Cosmos

I started an applique project earlier this summer... (always have to have an applique project going!)  And Eileen asked what the piece with the scalloped edge was in my last post.  :-)  Good catch Eileen!
Do you remember this from my last post?  Stitching on the deck while on vacation at the beach. 
Let me show you what I have been doing.  Here is the fabric pull for this project.  Light blue/green, tan, medium green, brown, and a little pink.
The blocks are called Meadow Cosmos from the book In the Meadow by Blackbird Designs.  Love Blackbird Designs!!
First block done.
 I am calling them Summer Cosmos since I started this in the summer... and someday hope to hang this in my dining room during the summer season. Make sense? :-)    
I am making four 20" blocks.  Layed out something like this... I'll decide as I go along. :-)
 I am using a couple different methods for laying out my applique pieces.  Here I have ironed down the freezer paper template I use for the scalloped ring applique.  I will trace around it with a water soluble pen.
This will help with placement of the flower points that go under the scalloped ring.   You can see the blue pen markings here. 
 For the leaves and stems I decided to use the plastic template method rather than tracing the pattern onto the fabric.  This method comes from Piece O' Cake designs and I have used it in the past with success. 
This is a 12 gauge, heavy, clear, upholstery plastic cut to the size of my block and then the pattern traced onto it with a sharpie permanent marker. 
 The leaves can then be moved into place under that plastic using the markings as a guide and pinned or basted in place. I like this for multiple blocks of the same design.  
 Pinned in place and ready for stitching.  Easy Peasey!
I have finished the second block and now am working on the third.  Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching!
Linking up today at Kathy's Quilts - Slow Sunday Stitching.  She is working on a beautiful bow tie quilt.  Check it out along with all the other stitching going on today!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beach, Lighthouses, Quilt Shops.. and Relaxation!

We just returned from a week at the beach.  We take our summer vacation at the end of summer when  most of the vacationers are gone and we can enjoy the late summer days without the crowds.  For anyone who has grown up in a resort area, like my husband, you know that late summer is the best time of year at the shore. 
North Wildwood, NJ Seawall
Anyone who follows me in Instagram has seen some of these pictures during the week. 
It was also my husband's birthday and we visited some lighthouses.  One of his favorite things to do. 
We visited Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in N. Wildwood, NJ.  My husband grew up just a few blocks from this lighthouse. 
They have done a beautiful restoration and have beautiful gardens around the lighthouse.
Love the butterfly sign.
My mother-in-law used to have these pretty purple flowers in her garden. 
We had perfect days with blue skies.  Perfect for walking the beach
We also took several trips to Cape May, NJ for shopping and dinner. 
There was always time at the end of each day for some stitching and sipping. :-)
On Friday we took the ferry from Cape May to Lewes, DE.  My wonderful husband took me to two great quilt shop - Serendipity and Mare's Bears Quilts.  He even found time for a cat nap while I shopped. 

 Serendipity Quilt shop in Dagsboro, DE had a large selection of reproduction and traditional fabrics.
Mare's Bear's Quilts Lewes, DE had some great deals on modern fabrics. 
Two great shops!  I would recommend them if you are in Delaware anytime. 
I was also able to get the binding and label done for this baby quilt for someone at work. Love the backing fabric on this one.  I have had this in my stash a long time and it was perfect. 
I was even able to get this quilt basted together before we left to come home. So much easier without my feline helpers! LOL  I am hoping to big stitch this one. 
It was a fun week... good food, great weather, a birthday, and two quilt shops!

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mini-Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much for all your comments on the type of hand quilting thread you use.  Some of you even commented on what kind of thimble you use.  I really learned a lot and loved hearing all your preferences and the reason why you used the thread you use! 
Now... for the winner of the Gutermann thread....  Drum roll please!!
The random number generator chose number 9!!!  Comment number 9 came from Frog Quilter.  She said, "I use YLI to Hand quilt. It's made here in the south. Yay! "  You can check out her blog here.  
I hope you enjoy giving the Gutermann thread a try.  I will get this in the mail to you as soon as you send me your address.  Thanks again for your comment.
Lucy actually thought her Squeeky Geeky toy was a much better prize.....
But in the end...she decided she wanted to keep him.  Sorry Frog Quilter. LOL
Finally, today being the 15th anniversary of 911 - Let's not forget the people lost and the lives forever changed by this tragedy.  Fifteen years later I still find the images of that day very disturbing to look at, and it seems like yesterday.  RIP


Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day Monday - Mini Giveaway!

I've been enjoying some time at home this week for an extended Labor Day weekend.  It's been nice to spend time in my studio everyday.. just doing what I want.  I don't have pictures of a lot of what I worked on....
 But on Friday I basted my red Oak & Reel quilt together.  Here is the quilt on the floor in my studio.. along with my basting thread.  I hate basting.  It is where my quilting process falls apart.  But I am happy to say I got 'er done.
 Thankfully tropical storm Hermine moved away from the coast and we had a perfect day yesterday.  Blue skies, low humidity.  It was the perfect day to sit on the deck and do some slow stitching.   I have decided to hand quilt this wall hanging....  I have not hand quilted something this large in a long, long time.  Wonder how many years this will take! LOL.  Right now I am loving the process and hope to spend part of this Labor Day doing more of this. 
I have always used Coats & Clark quilting thread.  Barb over at Fun with Barb uses Guterman.  So yesterday when I was in Jo Ann Fabrics I picked up a spool of natural.  I really do like this thread.  
Hilda at Every Stitch uses YLI.  I will have to look for that when I have the chance.
Thanks, for the recommendations Barb and Hilda! 

What quilting thread do you use for hand quilting? .. if you hand quilt.  Leave a comment below on your thread preference and you could win 2 spools of Gutermann quilting thread (white & natural) to try.

Someone on Instagram asked about my quilting thimble.  It is by Thimblelady.  The dimples are on the side  which makes it easier (for me anyway) to quilt without putting all the pressure on your fingertip and a more relaxed position for your hand.  While I have yet to master her technique, it is much better for my arthritic hands. :-) 
Lucy is taking the day off and is just going to relax.  She works so hard the other 364 days of the year.....

Hope you get some time to relax today and do some happy stitching!

Giveaway closes this Friday at midnight EDT.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, September 11th.  Good luck!



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