Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WHO got their baby quilt done in time? I DID!

As mentioned in an earlier post about a week and a half ago, I needed to get this baby quilt done and I hadn't finished the top yet... see post called I'm A Procrastinator. :-)

But I got it finished in time to give to the expectant mom this past Monday at her baby sprinkle at the office. Here is Jaime with the quilt at our lunchtime celebration. 

But let's back up to getting this cute quilt completed.  As mentioned, I drafted this design (with permission) from a quilt I found on Pinterest.  Once I was done with the applique and piecing, it was time to baste it.  Yes, I still baste with basting thread on the floor.  Definitely my least favorite part of the process.
I chose this soft lavender chevron print for the back. 

I freemotion quilted "peacock feathers" in the background....hmm, wonder how the owls feel about that...

and a freemotion leaf vine in the borders.

The eyes and lashes were machine stitched on the baby owl.  So cute!

It was finally done.  That was a quilting marathon in one day!

I pulled out my Janome to machine quilt this.  It does a wonderful job and likes all the rayon threads, unlike the finicky Viking.. :-)

Next came the binding.... I cut mine at 2 1/4".

and, of course, the label.

Someone seemed a little jealous of these cute little owls.  She didn't think I could see her looking for them. 
So happy to have this quilt done and delivered!  Now we just have to wait for the baby to do the same!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Oh shoot Deb! It's adorable!!!! Just adorable!!!

  2. This is the prettiest baby quilt I have ever seen! Love the design, the fabrics, the colors, the binding, and quilting. It is perfect!

  3. Your quilt is beyond adorable. And sewing that magnificent raccoon-striped cat tail to the edge is a delightful touch.

  4. Such a cute quilt with the Owls; the colors are fantastic and the quilting looks great. A very nice and special gift to welcome the new baby.

  5. That quilt is adorable! I even love the purple and green.

  6. The design and the purple and green combo are so modern and cute. Your quilting was perfect. If you didn't call it peacock feathers I would have linked it to the owls! I'm sure the new mommy thought it was adorable too. Great job!

  7. What a very pretty baby quilt - beautiful colours and delicious owls!

  8. What a gorgeous quilt for the new baby. Love seeing your FMQ you make it look easy (I wish it was!!)

  9. An adorable baby quilt. Love the colors - you don't see many in purple, but it's so fine. The quilting is wonderful, too. Go on over to Michelle's Let Make Baby quilts and link it up there. A nice place to share.

  10. Gorgeous baby quilt. I am sure the owls love the peacock quilting. Lucky baby with these quilt.

  11. What a WONDERFUL quilt! The design, the colors, the fabric choices-ooh la la. Lucky mommy and new baby to have a friend like you !

  12. Great quilt and colour choices!

  13. What a wonderful gift Debra - and you did an amazing job on it too! I love the "peacock feathers" quilting design - it's perfect for it! Congratulations on a great finish :)

  14. What a wonderful gift Debra - and you did an amazing job on it too! I love the "peacock feathers" quilting design - it's perfect for it! Congratulations on a great finish :)


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