Sunday, June 21, 2015

Update on Some Recent Applique

Finding time lately to quilt has been a challenge.. and finding time to blog about it has been even more of a challenge.  I guess it is just that time of year.  We have had some family visits, weekends away, and time spent getting our beach condo ready for the rental season.  The condo is now ready for our first guests which arrived yesterday, so now we can relax a bit.  This time of year, with the warmer weather upon us,  is a time to slow down, get out of my studio, and get back to some slow stitching. 
Do you remember this?  If you don't, you shouldn't feel bad because I am not even sure I ever posted the start of this block.  I can't find any reference to it, but I am guessing it was close to a year ago that I started this block from the A Bountiful Life quilt.  Where does the time go???
I finally picked it up again a few weeks ago.  I think I know what was stopping me...  those darn bird feet!  I love all the birds in this quilt, but those feet sure are challenging!
 Four feet... I just needed to get them done so I could move on with this block.  I label the freezer paper patterns so I remember where they belong on the block.
Once I got them done, I could add the Red Winged Blackbirds to the block. Will anyone notice I changed the fabric for the bird feet?  I knew that a batik would fray a lot less than a regular cotton fabric.  And it was easier... but still challenging.  I also changed the beaks, making them closed rather than the open beaks in the pattern.  Much easier!
After a dip in the spa, my block was clean and ready to be pressed. Oh it felt so good to get this one finally done!! 
I wanted to keep this momentum going and moved right on to the next block, The Peacock.  I always start with the stems and baste down the leaves.  You can see the blue marking pen I use to mark the pattern on my fabric.  There is a lot going on in these blocks and it is easy to not have everything fit together. 
Here are some of the fabrics I have chosen from my stash for the peacock and the roses.
And, of course, I will have more bird feet to deal with.  I need to change them a bit to make them easier to applique.. besides they look a little strange to me. :-)
Also completed awhile ago is this block from My Enchanted Garden.  Funny that I am working on both of these quilts and they are both based on the Bird of Paradise quilt. 
Love the wool and cotton combination.
And the addition of the beads. 
But my favorite part of this block is the bunny. So sweet. 

I'm linking up at Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.  Hopefully I can get some stitching done today!

Happy Stitching!
Happy Father's Day to everyone.  If you are lucky enough to still have your Dad with you, give him a big hug if you can!!



  1. I feel the same way about my stitching. Too much going on that is interfering with my stitching. I had such a good habit of a few stitches everyday and somehow it just hasn't happened lately.

  2. I love the four patch background and your choice of fabrics. Quite uptown! And better to close the bird beaks so they won't squawk when a very adorable cat comes up to inspect them.

  3. Hi SUe! Did I tell ya I got the ENchanted Garden Book??? I did...I"m just drooling over it...but glad I got it (With a coupon at JoAnnes) Good to see ya's all so pretty and looks fun to do. Treating our dad to homemade steak and lobster yes, big hugs given.

  4. I love your beautiful appliqué - the Enchanted Garden block is simply that!
    Your four background pieces for The Peacock make for a really interest block.

  5. Your appliqué is beautiful. I know what you mean about finding time to sew, it's not always easy but I'm finding most days I can steal at least a few minutes if I try. Other days, it's just not happening!

  6. So glad I'm not the only one short of sewing time at the moment! Your applique is beautiful though.

  7. Beautiful applique ! Very intricate and yes those feet look quite difficult indeed!

  8. I just love both of these blocks! Your idea about using the batik is smart. I'll have to remember that one! Wool applique really makes me smile and your is beautiful. The combo of wool and cotton is perfect. Thanks for sharing these.

  9. Oh those tricky bird feet! We all have an example of that where we become stuck on a project because of a hard thing. That inspired me to write another blog post... I'm off to write... thanks!!!!

  10. I love all your blocks, and I understand about the stitching. I just said good-bye to three TX cousins, and next week my DGD comes for two weeks. Quilting we take second place to our princess. I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone to show off your progress.

  11. Looks like you got over the huddle. Your blocks are beautiful and the multiple use of background fabrics really adds to the interest. It's fun to add beads to wool. It gives it a fun sparkle. I'd change those peacock feet too.

  12. What beautiful applique and your hand-stitching is wonderful! Great fabric for the feet. How neat to have a beach condo for rent, where is it??

  13. Beautiful work! I always love to see your progress.:)


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