Friday, April 19, 2013

Sweet Hearts Update!

Just an update on the Sweet Hearts blocks.  I am about a week behind with my hearts, but have the next row sewn together and ready to go onto the quilt.  But look at Dawn's progress!!
Here is her granddaugher, Emma, helping her to layout her blocks.  Now you can see what her plan is - Rainbow!!  I just love the way this looks so far.  Great job, Dawn!
Here is the my next row of hearts sewn together and ready to be added to the quilt.
Abby seems to like these little hearts.  She may be wondering when they will be done so she can lay on the finished quilt.  256 hearts to go...
Here is the quilt with the next row sewn on.  It is getting so big!  The quilt it is pinned to is a Blackbird Designs quilt called Frost on the Ferns and hangs in my dining room.

These three hearts will be made in honor of the three victims (Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Krystle Campbell) killed this week in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Rest in peace.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by today!
    I love your hearts and i especially love the black border! The rainbow hearts remind me of those candy dots we used to eat as kids~
    And those 3 special hearts.....lovely~♥E


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