Sunday, February 26, 2017

1857 Album Quilt Update

I've been having a lot of fun working on these blocks from the 1857 Album Quilt by Sentimental Stitches.
 Perfect for some stitching and a cup of tea.
Here are the first six I have appliqued.  They are 10" blocks and I am doing needleturn applique - my favorite method! 
from the Sentimental Stitches web site. 
 I really like working in one color and I think these blocks look great in blue and white. The original quilt, which you can see here, is red, green and cheddar.
 Here is my fabric pull from my stash for these blocks.  As I said in my last post, I won't be making all 64 blocks.  Maybe around 36 should be enough!
Also some inspiration from the plate collection on my living room wall. 
 Here are some closer looks at the blocks.  I am not stitching them in any particular order.
However, I focused on the blocks with hearts for the month of February. 
Some stitching by the fire. Although we have been in the 70's the past couple of days.  Unheard of for February in New Jersey!  But I am not complaining!!
 I will be working on finishing up this block today.  Looks perfect for Spring!
I have a nice cozy place to stitch in my living room, which is perfect.  I hope you get to do some slow stitching today.

Until next time...

Happy Stitching!



  1. I really like your blocks in the blues much better than the original colors.

  2. Oh your stitching spot looks sooo cozy and your projects are coming along wonderfully. I like your plate wall...I have a collection of old cooper jello molds hanging. LOVE IT!

  3. blue and white is perfect for these blocks, what a lovely quilt you will have. Hoping to learn needle turn applique one day, bought Pat Sloan`s applique book on friday only to discover nothing about needle turn in it! What a lovely place you have to sit in when hand stitching.

  4. Blue-tiful! you have a wonderful collection of B&W. great display and pretty chair.

  5. Your 1857 blocks look lovely! Great idea to do them in blue & white! Your stitching corner looks like the perfect place for stitching!

  6. Beautiful blocks. Using just blue and white fabrics is always a perfect combo. Your B and W dishes are beautiful as well.

  7. Love the blocks, love, love the blue and white china display on your wall and love, love, love your cosy corner - just what I need!

  8. Your blue and white china perfectly inspires your fabric choices. I hope you enjoy the summer working on these beauties.

  9. I love blue and neutral quilts. Your plate collection is awesome! Your stitching area looks really peaceful and well lit.

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  14. I was looking at an old blog post to find a photo of mine, and I saw a comment by you. I wish you were still writing your blog.


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