Sunday, September 25, 2016

Summer Cosmos

I started an applique project earlier this summer... (always have to have an applique project going!)  And Eileen asked what the piece with the scalloped edge was in my last post.  :-)  Good catch Eileen!
Do you remember this from my last post?  Stitching on the deck while on vacation at the beach. 
Let me show you what I have been doing.  Here is the fabric pull for this project.  Light blue/green, tan, medium green, brown, and a little pink.
The blocks are called Meadow Cosmos from the book In the Meadow by Blackbird Designs.  Love Blackbird Designs!!
First block done.
 I am calling them Summer Cosmos since I started this in the summer... and someday hope to hang this in my dining room during the summer season. Make sense? :-)    
I am making four 20" blocks.  Layed out something like this... I'll decide as I go along. :-)
 I am using a couple different methods for laying out my applique pieces.  Here I have ironed down the freezer paper template I use for the scalloped ring applique.  I will trace around it with a water soluble pen.
This will help with placement of the flower points that go under the scalloped ring.   You can see the blue pen markings here. 
 For the leaves and stems I decided to use the plastic template method rather than tracing the pattern onto the fabric.  This method comes from Piece O' Cake designs and I have used it in the past with success. 
This is a 12 gauge, heavy, clear, upholstery plastic cut to the size of my block and then the pattern traced onto it with a sharpie permanent marker. 
 The leaves can then be moved into place under that plastic using the markings as a guide and pinned or basted in place. I like this for multiple blocks of the same design.  
 Pinned in place and ready for stitching.  Easy Peasey!
I have finished the second block and now am working on the third.  Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching!
Linking up today at Kathy's Quilts - Slow Sunday Stitching.  She is working on a beautiful bow tie quilt.  Check it out along with all the other stitching going on today!



  1. Love the fabric pull combo! What a great project for slow stitching. Enjoy! I'll be tuning in to follow the progress.

  2. I love that background fabric in the last picture. Those blocks are so pretty.

  3. Awesome, I was looking at the applique you are doing and thinking of a quilt with it only today, just contemplating, I love what you are doing with it! Superb

  4. Very nice, I like the plastic template method.

  5. How very pretty the Cosmos block is.

  6. What a great idea for placement! Your summer cosmos are looking delightful.

  7. That is such a great block. It looks very similar to a reproduction pattern that Dawn Collector with a Needle put out! I love when designers are inspired from our past so that those great patterns are made over and over.

  8. Fantastic fabric choices for this wonderful project. The Blackbird Design gals always design patterns that I love. Using the Piece of Cake technique of a plastic overlay always works so you don't have to worry about marks showing. This is going to a be lovely quilt. Be sure and keep us up to date on your progress.

  9. Hi,Deb! Thanks for answering my inquiry. I have that book too and am making the 25 bird quilt and the 90 butterflies. Love everything Blackbird and love everything Harry! Can't wait to see the rest of it. Eileen P.

  10. Wow, this will be a BEAUTY, Debra! Love Blackbird designs, and Love your colour scheme! It will be so fresh and elegant for summer. :D

  11. Love Blackbird Designs patterns!!! Your fabrics are beautiful and will make an amazing quilt....I have the book When the Cold Wind Blows and had pulled Civil War fabrics a while ago to make one of the quilts in the book...I love my choices, but for some reason, just couldn't start on it....a few days ago, I was pulling fabrics for a new project and ran across a stack of fat quarters that are pastels and it hit me....if I combine these pastels with some 30's reproduction fabrics, they would be perfect for that quilt in When the Cold Wind I know why I couldn't bring myself to start that quilt...I needed to use totally different colors/fabrics....Now I cannot wait to get started! And, after seeing your post, I think I need to get this book, too! Thanks for sharing!!
    Sandra B

  12. You are amazing with your appliqué! I do admire your precision and the fabrics you use, this first block is wonderful and I'm so looking forward to seeing the remainder of the blocks as you go along with this project.

  13. not so sure about easy peasy looks most complicated to me such wonderful applique you do this is ging to be one amazing quilt

  14. Such a beautiful block! I love your fabric selection and your stitch work is lovely.

  15. Beautiful applique and the colours you've chosen are so pretty. Always interesting to hear about different applique methods - the overlay is a clever idea. I'm with Carla above - it is so similar to Dawn's Harrison Rose! I finished my Harrison Rose earlier this year and it takes me right back :)

  16. I have been daydreaming about starting an applique project from one of my Blackbird Designs books. (So many quilts, so little time!) Your fabric choices are lovely - what a wonderful summer quilt you will have when finished! Thanks for the plastic overlay info - a new technique to try.


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