Sunday, August 28, 2016

Maybe I Need an Intervention...

My husband and I collect quite a few things... antique clocks, pottery, postcards, thimbles, majolica... to name a few.  It's something we have enjoyed since before we were married.  
 I also happen to love pincushions.  I never really thought of this as a obsession collection because I use them everyday.  As quilters, we know that stitching involves a lot of pins and needles.  And we also know that we need to have a receptacle for these items at our fingertips at all times.  So have pincushions in several locations throughout my studio and also other places throughout the house. 
It wasn't until I gathered them together for this post that I thought.. well maybe I have the teensy tiniest obsession....
Most of my pincushions I have made myself.  Here are the wool ones.  The strawberry on the lower right is one of my favorites and sits next to my sewing machine. 
Some have been given to me by friends.  Love the shoe fabric in the one on the left.  The one on the right was given to me by a girlfriend who went to England.  It is designed after an antique cushion from Cornwall and has a beautiful brocade fabric covering it. 
These two wonky patterns use bright modern fabrics.  The long narrow one on the right is great for small applique pins. (See, I really can justify having so many pincushions!)
Some are made with reproduction fabrics and vintage lace.  I hand quilted the mini hexagon cushion, it seemed appropriate.  The little courthouse steps cushion is great to tuck into a travel stitching bag since it is so small. 
This little chicken pincushion was made from batiks.  Her little tail has seen better days!
I even have a small collection of antique pin cushions.  That little red dog pin cushion was my maternal grandmother's.  She was an amazing seamstress, but not a quilter. 
So after seeing a beautiful dresden plate pincushion on Instagram made by Hilda at Every Stitch...well what do you think happened? 
By the way, Hilda is a phenomenal quilter from Australia.  You really should stop by her blog, her work is amazing. 
And when I couldn't decide on what color to make my dresden plate pincushion... I made a red one too...

Okay maybe an intervention is needed...
I will be slow stitching today on this sweet dresden plate which will eventually become another pin cushion... what can I say?  Send in the intervention team. 

So what do you collect?

If you would also like to make this little beauty you can find a tutorial over at Sunny Day Supply blog. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. great collection of pincushions! I have friends who say "you collect everything"... lol maybe .

  2. What an amazing collection of pin cushions!!! Love the dresden plate cushions you're making.

  3. You do have an awesome collection. If you required an intervention many of us would too. Your two newest are going to fit in perfectly.

  4. They are a wonderful collection of cat toys! You're lucky you don't a cat that is obsessed with pins. And you forgot to mention your collection of beautiful quilts.

  5. LOL I love the variety of your "collection". Hmmmm what do I collect?? Angels.

  6. I love pincushions! Your collection is amazing. I need to make myself more. I love my collection too.


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