Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Tisket.. A Tasket... My Gwennie Medallion QAL Basket

Okay - that was cheesy, I know.  It's summer ... we can be silly, right?
 Anyway, here is my finished center block for the Gwennie Inspired Medallion Quilt Along.  This was fun and a nice change from some of the more formal or traditional turn needle applique I have been doing.
 Here is a close up of my main flower.  Like this blue and orange combination.  Opposites attract, right?  On the color wheel anyway. :-)
I decided to have some fun with the basket and used some selvage strips that I had been saving.

Two more close ups of flowers.

After my last post, Sally over at Objects of Design blog suggested I make my basket like the cute basket pictured here to keep my thread. Hmm.
I took her suggestion (Thanks, Sally!) and made these two little handles on either side of my basket.

You can see the other basket blocks for this QAL over at the linkup that took place at Humble Quilts.  Check them out - they are beautiful!

Now onto the next border for June.  Cynthia at wabi-sabi quilts chose the next theme: CHILDHOOD.  Here is the explanation:

This is meant to be a very open theme to be interpreted however you like - it is your quilt!

Your childhood; your folks' childhoods; the children in your life now or back when; children of the world;

For example....
Someone might piece improv triangles in "apple" colors to remind her of learning to make apple pie with Grandma...
Someone might piece a simple checkerboard reminiscent of playing board games....
Childhood summers at the beach? How about a riff off of Ocean Waves. Or appliqued whales.
Anything that reminds you, in any way, of any aspect of childhood! 

Okay.. this should be interesting.  I have some ideas and of course since I am joining late, I knew the theme and have had some time to think about this.  However, doesn't mean it has made it easier. :-) 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hi Debra....LOVE LOVE your basket. Ingenious! I NEED to get an applique project started...I miss it...yet my summer has been so busy. LOL!!

  2. Your medallion center is wonderful. And the white in the basket really perks up the design. Okay, I love the handles too. And serves you right...if you have an awesome center it puts more pressure on you for the next round. Ha!

  3. Good for your for joining in...better late than never! It's so much fun to see how everyone interprets each theme. I like the selvages for the baskets. Hmmmm....I sure have a bunch of them.

  4. I love your basket! Welcome to the QAL!
    I've enjoyed everyone's baskets so much, that my next medallion quilt will be one composed solely of baskets.

  5. a lovely piece must try and learn how to do applique one day

  6. Love it! I love orange and blue/salmon and blue/coral and blue! I just love your flowers :) I'm really enjoying everyone's basket medallions. I just love quilting blogs for inspiration for my sewing :)

  7. Oh lovely finish!! Such a clever idea using selvedge in your basket - and of course handles following the idea from Sally T!

  8. Love when you've started on your tisket, a tasket basket.


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