Friday, April 1, 2016

How Can it Be April Already?

I am not sure where the rest of March went since my last post... Eek!  A lot has been going on...  I guess I need to give you an update!  Work has been busy.. .but I suppose no one wants to hear about that! LOL
Let me start off with my March finish for the APQ UFO Challenge 2016 and the OMG (One Monthly Goal) link up.  I was able to get my Audrey's Flowers quilt totally pieced together.  Ta-Da!!!
I really struggled on what fabric to use for the setting triangles and the border.  I had originally purchased this fabric from one of my LQSs.  The ladies there were very helpful.  I liked it, but something about it bothered me.  I finally realized that the tan fabric looked too formal for my style of flowers and the border was too 'solid'.
I finally decided on these two fabrics... pulled from my stash.  The tan is much more primitive, like my flowers and the border has that same tan in the small flower.  Done!  This choice felt so much better!
I also never shared the awesome time or all the wonderful quilts that Dawn and I saw at the AQS show in Lancaster two week ago... where does the time go?
Or some of the great fabrics I picked up for the vendors there!
The show was great and it is always a treat to connect with quilting buddy!
It looks like Dawn is already looking forward to next year's show - I know I am!
Another finish for March!  I finished the wool Colorful Daisies candle mat just in time for Easter!
I totally forgot that the linkup for the OMG challenge closes BEFORE the end of the month.. so I need to get better at that!  My project for April is Stars in a Time Warp.  I am eager to get these blocks sewn together!

Happy April!
Happy Stitching!



  1. What a perfect choice of setting fabric and border for Audrey's Flowers, a beautiful quilt. Will this one be machine or hand quilted? Nice mix of new fabrics there to add to the stash!

  2. I agree with you...PERFECT choice for your finish!! LOVE this quilt!

  3. A really pretty quilt and the fabrics you chose for the background and border look so nice with it.

  4. quilt looks great and the border fabrics have worked so well, some nice new fabrics you have there too

  5. Great choice of border fabric. A small change can make all the difference can't it? Love seeing your quilt together!:)

  6. Your Audrey's Flowers quilt is beautiful. Great decision on changing the fabrics for the setting triangles and border. Good luck with your April stitching goal.

  7. Audrey's Flowers look wonderful! Listening to your Inner Quilter definitely was the way to go. Can't wait to see what you do with your SIATW blocks...mine are marinating.

  8. I love how your Audrey's Flowers finshed. Glad you went with different fabrics for your quilt. The style of fabric can definitely change the outcome. I see some different styles represented in your newly acquired stash. Have fun working on your April projects

  9. I am obessed with this quilt! It is stunning! I'm new to your blog, can you answer a few questions? Is this a pattern or your own creation? Do you mind if I post it on Pinterest?

    1. Hi Beth, I think you are a 'no-reply blogger', so I will answer you here. Thank you so much for your email and your compliments on my quilt. I can't take full credit for the pattern. It was inspired by a quilt by Audrey over at Quilty Folk. I made the flower blocks similar to hers, but then set them in sets of 4, on point. Thank you for asking about Pinterest.. yes, it is fine to post. I appreciate your asking! I hope you decide to follow my blog - I would love to have you as a reader. Happy Stitching! Deb

  10. Debra...I've been feeling the SAME way about this year! It's just zooming by...and all of a sudden I'm behind on projects. Don't you just LOVE your flower quilt!! (I do!) Great show and your little wool candle holder is so happily springy! Glad to see you enjoying Spring.


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