Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Getaway and Stash Enhancement

Last Friday my husband and I decided to get away for a couple days for our anniversary. Nothing too far or too crazy, just a short road trip. We headed west into Pennsylvania, to Lancaster county. We visited a farmers market that we had not been to in quite a number of years called Green Dragon.
 Lots of produce, baked goods, and meats from local Amish and Mennonite farms. Yum! And also an assortment of flea market finds.  We didn't leave without some fresh green beans, tomatoes and peaches.
Now, this guy doesn't look too happy.  But let me assure you that my husband was in hog heaven (LOL) with this sausage on a stick!  That and some homemade ice cream and he was all set!

After our visit to Green Dragon we headed to Litiz, PA - voted America's Coolest Town in 2013.  It was a very pretty town with lots of little shops and this main attraction - The Wilber Chocolate Co.  You can visit the chocolate shop, see chocolates being made and learn about the history.  Free samples too! :-)

We learned about an antique show in Lititz scheduled for Saturday.  So we returned Saturday morning.  Sorry I didn't take better pictures - but it was a great show.
Lots of interesting antiques and collectibles - and it was a beautiful sunny day.  What could be better??......

Maybe a visit to a quilt store?? LOL

My sweet husband was very indulgent and took me to two quilt stores on the way out of Lancaster county.  This beautiful Moda fabric was picked for a backing of a quilt I am working on.. but have not shown yet. :-)  And as you can see, for only $6.89 a yard!

The shops, Sauders Fabrics and Burkholder Fabrics are only about 10 miles apart and located in the heart of Amish farmland.  Whoever said location, location, location is important to a business has not visited these shops!

These beautiful Jo Morton fabrics were picked up at Burkholders for only $4.99 a yard!  A steal!

I think I need to get busy so I can show you some progress on some quilts!!

Happy Stitching!



  1. What a lovely weekend away. From yummies for the tummy to fabric, fabric, fabric! Looks like everyone was happy.

  2. You look to have had a lovely weekend away - and delicious food and fabrics.


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