Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stars In a Time Warp - Update, Weeks 19, 20, and 21

Time once again...hahaha... for my monthly-ish update on the Stars in a Time Warp Quilt Along.  I have been learning a lot.  Barbara Brackman is a great teacher and I learn so much from her weekly posts.. beside making some wonderful star blocks.  Win! Win!
Weeks 19, 20 and 21 included some really interesting fabric styles - Serpentine Stripes, Excentric Prints, and Neat Stripes.  You can click on each link below to read more about these interesting styles of cotton prints.
Week 19 was Serpentine Stripes.  These fancy stripes were popular in the first half of the 19th century.  I love how elegant these can look in a quilt and how they add movement.  
I must have been in a patriotic mood since it was the week before Memorial Day when I stitched this one. Look at that background fabric with the flags.  I think that would be considered a conversational print. 
You can see the subtle yellow serpentine stripe in the star fabric and also some serpentine stripes in the corner pieces.
Week 20 was Excentric Prints.  I had never even heard the term 'excentric prints' ... see, learning happening here.  Barbara describes these as "fine geometric figures with jagged or wavy distortions"  I wish I had more of these in my stash.  After learning about them, I think they are really interesting in a quilt.
You can really see the pattern in this blue fabric used for the star. 
Week 21 was Neat Stripes.  These are stripes with a hard or neat edge. They were popular 1890 - 1920 as part of the men's wear look.  I do have plenty of these in my stash!  It was hard to chose and even with using them in both the star and the background I still had to make more than one block. You can see I made three!
Lots of stripes with a Jo Morton fabric in the center. 
If I had it to do over, I would turn one of these fabrics to run the opposite way of the other.  Next time. :-)
Love the stripe in the star.  Many had a pattern in the strip, but still a hard edge. 

That's all for now.  This week's style is chintz fabrics... let me go check my stash.  I am sure I have some somewhere!  I'll show you those and more with my next update on Stars In A Time Warp. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. I enjoyed your post, it was very informative and made me want to go look in my stash. I will check back to see what the next weeks bring.
    Robin Hawkins

  2. Nice post - great stars! I too am enjoying the stars in a time warp and am learning something new each week!

  3. Great work on your stars. I've really enjoyed this project too and it's been exciting seeing what fabrics everyone has been using. I really haven't noticed too many duplicates. :0)

  4. What a wonderful group of stars! Your prints and combinations are so interesting and fun to look at. Have you started thinking about how you'll set them?

  5. Thanks for an interesting post. I've used some of these prints but didn't know their name.

  6. The stripes are my favorites. I am going to start these blocks, one day...eventually!

  7. These are going to make the nicest quilt! Love the colors and fabric patterns. Good progress being made for sure!

  8. Beautiful stars! You really are capturing the spirit of the 19th century quilter!


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