Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hexie Update - Rainbow Scrap Challenge - June is Light Blue

If you haven't heard around blogland.. the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for June is Light Blue. 
I discovered that I don't have a lot of true light blue in my stash... who would have known?? :-)
But I got them done with some supervisory help from you know who....
In other hexie news... Awhile ago I found that Eileen over at RobinHill Quilts was also making hexies... BIG hexies, like I was, in Kaffe prints, like I was.   These are my hexies that measure 6" across.  You can see her large hexies here
I suggested that Eileen and I do a swap of some of our Kaffe hexies.  After all... variety is the spice of life... and in my opinion the spice of any quilt, and it seemed like we were both on the same wavelength!  Here are the hexies that she sent to me.
Aren't they gorgeous!??  Definitely colors and patterns that I did not have in my Kaffe stash.  It's always so much fun to incorporate other quilter's fabrics into your own.   I tend to by the same colors, etc. sometimes. This was great way to add some variety!  Thanks Eileen!  I hope you enjoyed the hexies that I sent as much as I am enjoying yours!
And a bit more of great mail recently.  Eileen (no a different Eileen) sent me two quilt labels she had in her stash.  They are so cute and I can't wait to add them to just the right quilt!  Lucy particularly liked them.. no surprise there!
Aren't quilters wonderful?

Linking up with other wonderful quilters at the RSC linky party at So Scrappy.  Check out the other light blue projects.  You won't be disappointed.. I've taken a peek already! <wink>

Happy Stitching!



  1. I'm soooo jealous! I have " make a Kaffe print quilt" on my wish list...and out of hexagons...LOVE IT!!!! (Great idea to swap!!)

  2. All of your hexies are great. The light blue speaks soft summer mornings and the giant Kaffe hexies are a blazing sunset! Love the super size. How are you going to use them? I think it would be fun to make them so big.

  3. Brilliant idea to swap with another blogger. You're absolutely right about variety.

  4. In other hexie news, bwaaahahaha
    Are you doing the millifiori ones? I want to but Lord help me if I start yet another hexie project!
    Deb, have you tried basting with fons and porter glue stick? I always thread baste on back only so it doesn't have to be removed but that isn't best for big blocks. LeeAnna

  5. Great hexies...and those quilt labels are so cute!

  6. Always great to be able to share someone else's stash. I've never tried 6" hexies! Those would really show case some great fabrics.

  7. As always your colours are just lovely! These are such soft aqua/teals they remind me of gelato or sugared almonds! Thanks for directing us to Robin Hill - I have added yet another blog to my list!!!! Love the swap idea you two have going on.

  8. Thanks for all the hexie eye candy! The light blues are gorgeous and soothing!

  9. What beautiful fabrics. It is always fun to have an infusion of something new into the stash.

  10. Why yes Lucy, light blue and teal are quite striking with a bit of complementary orange. And if you would like to supervise some kittens, give me a holler.

  11. Love your big hexis! Another person's stash always seems quite different & so very tempting... what a great idea to swap fabrics!

  12. Beautiful prints. I love KF collections.

  13. I found my bag of blue hexagons from the last time we did blue. However, I didn't choose to work on any of those.
    I have switched to making 4 patches from my 2 pizza boxes of squares for the colors now.
    You know, so much to do and so little time.


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