Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching - Waiting for More Snow

Another snow storm is on it's way to Northwest New Jersey.  Seems to be the pattern this year of snow on Sunday into Monday.  That's okay - the perfect excuse to stay in my studio today and sew.
Today I plan on continuing to work on the Delicous Berries block from My Enchanted Garden.  Here is the progress as of today.  Still some pieces to be added.
I decided to make the wings of this bird two different shades of wool, just to add some interest.  Or was it because I couldn't make up my mind...  Hmm.. don't remember. :-)
This pretty blue flower still needs some circles added to it.  Need to do that today!
And what is this?  What would the week be without something new??? :-0
I decided to jump into the Stars In A Time Warp quilt along on Barbara Brackman's blog - Civil War Quilts.  Anyone who knows Barbara's work knows she is an incredible CWR fabric designer and fabric historian.
This quilt along is a little different than most.  First of all it is weekly; second Barbara shares a history lesson on each style of fabric chosen each week.  Along with history on the dyes and manufacturing of fabrics  and even setting options for your blocks.  So interesting to learn the history of some of the fabrics we use!
So I had some catching up to do.  Here is my first block featuring Turkey Red fabric.  
Week 2 was Prussian Blue.  The blocks are the same each week: Evening Star block.
Shirting Prints came next, used in the background of my block.  The blocks measure 6".
For week 4 the color was Chrome Orange or Cheddar.  This is a color I have come to really like in my reproduction quilts.  It adds an unexpected spark among some of the duller colors.  
Overdyed Green Solids was a challenging fabric for me.  Barbara describes it as a grassy or lime green.
Double Pink has always been one of my favorites.  Again, love the spark of color!

I  have one more block to go to get caught up.  Need to understand what Madder-style prints are! :-)  I am getting an education along with making these wonderful star blocks!  
Thanks to Barb over at Fun with Barb for inspiring me to join the quilt along!  
Of course I will keep you posted... or you can join too!!!

Happy Stitching!


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  1. very pretty blocks - it is a nice day to stay inside here too

  2. Deb I LOVE your blocks. The applique is beautiful and I love the variety on the stars! I have been thinking about joining in with Barbara! Sew pretty. Thank you for sharing.
    xo Jan @ Sew and Sow Farm

  3. Love your combo of wool and cottons on this quilt! I need to try something like this on a table topper. Love the extra texture it brings to the project.

  4. I love your enchanted garden block! I'm really into this type of pattern at the moment!

  5. Your applique is gorgeous - such pretty colours! I love the stars - have been following these with a few bloggers - looks like a chance to get to know your fabrics really well :)

  6. A wonderful stitching project to enjoy on a snowy day...Happy Stitching!

  7. FIrst thing I loved was the contrast of wings....I have no idea where our snow is this year...but I did enjoy a little stitching outside in the sun. :)

  8. Love the combination of wool and cotton for your applique work!

  9. This is such beautiful applique and the blending of wool and cotton is wonderful!

  10. Oh my goodness! That applique is stunning. I'm drooling. Seriously. What beautiful, beautiful work!

  11. Linked here from Barbara Brackman's blog - adding you to my Bloglovin feed. What a pretty project, your My Enchanted Garden. Stars in a Time Warp is fun and a little addictive isn't it? If you are on Instagram we have a hashtag going there.


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