Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been a crazy week... and I can't even tell you why.. because I don't know.  Nothing unusual happened... no disasters, no disease or pestulance.  But somehow the wheels fell off, so I really don't have much to show for it... stitchwise.
However, I did get this Valentine's pillow finished.  I found this in my stash of Valentine and pink fabrics.
  I had already done the hand embroidery and the machine buttonhole.  All I needed to do was put it on a background, machine applique it (I chose more machine buttonhole stitching) and then do a little FMQ. 
 Viola'... I was done. I did have to go to JoAnns to purchase a pillow form, but at least they were on sale. :-)
Lucy hopes you get to spend the day with the ones you love.  
She wears her Valentine on  her back with her little white heart marking. :-)

We will be enjoying our traditional Valentine pizza tonight.. and maybe a bottle of wine.  How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day?

Happy Stitching and Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Happy Heart Day! I love your choice of fabric for your applique vase perfect blue ware. The beading really adds to the flowers too.
    Patrica @ dogwoodlanerambles

  2. Nice pillow!! Also I see you have a heart quilt over the chair which is being greatly enjoyed by Lucy - love both the quilt and Lucy!

  3. Deb that is a great pillow - so sweet! Lucy's heart is very cute, as is she!

  4. Happy heart day!!! Looks like you have it covered, and so does Lucy. :-)

  5. Well if Lucy thinks we should spend the day with those we love...I'll be right over. Except Lucy probably was thinking of you and not her stalker audience when she said it.

  6. Some weeks are just crazy for no reason - just the busy life we all lead. Love the cushions and I expect Lucy will too.

  7. Week's like that are so wierd!! But atleast you got to end it with Valentines Day! Don't you love Valentines!! We went and saw our daughters, SIL, and grandbaby. Long weekend...but well worth the travel. Love that heart the variety of hearts and how you bordered it with a black.


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