Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year and a Wonderful Way to End 2014!

What a wonderful way to end 2014!  My post a year ago today was the final heart in my Sweet Hearts quilt.  Now a year has passed and I finally have it quilted.  A couple of weeks ago I got my Sweet Hearts quilt back from my machine quilter, Janice Jamison.  As usual, she did a great job on the quilting.  She meandered around each heart and then quilted a fabulous feathered border.  So I have been anxiously waiting to put the binding on this quilt by the end of the year.  Today is that final day! :-)
Ready to be trimmed - I used a black and white print called Shadow Flower by French Bull on the back.  I think it looks great with the black and white border.
 Meandering around the hearts
Feather border.
I had made my binding a few days ago, using the same fabric I used for the border.
Next was to start trimming the edges.  That first cut is always the hardiest isn't it??  <deep breath>
Soon I was at the machine sewing on the binding.  What a sense of accomplishment!
And folding that last corner as I came into the home stretch!
Not sure what most of you use to finish your ends of your binding, but I found a great tool this past year - Brilliant Bindings by Debbie Wendt.  It is easy to use and makes short work of making perfect end seams.  I met Debbie at the AQS Lancaster show this year and saw her demonstration. I had been looking for a binding tool and knew I had to try this!
Here is a link to her web site if you are interested in learning more about this tool (no commission here! LOL)  Just love to share when I find a great quilting tool!
I just love this and it makes perfectly flat end seams for your binding.  And I was done!  YAY!
So tonight when that beautiful Waterford crystal ball drops in Times Square (expected temperature to be in the mid-20'sF, -4C!), I will be nice an cozy on the couch stitching down my binding.  ... with a little help from my friend in the background in the photo above.  Abby can't wait to get under this quilt....and neither can I !
New Year's Eve numerals arrive in Times Square prior to installation atop One Times Square, at Times Square on Dec. 16, 2014 in New York City.
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Happy New Year to everyone... some are already celebrating!  Thank you to all my blog friends and followers.  I appreciate each and everyone of you!
May 2015 be filled with some new projects, perfect stitches, and wonderful finishes!


  1. What a happy way to finish out this year! Happy New Year to you too.:)

  2. Lovely heart quilt, and the best way to finish up the year.


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