Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Week of Finishes - Yay!

I wanted to share some projects that I finished this week.  Yay!!  Nothing like a deadline to get me moving!  I had two girlfriends who had milestone birthdays this week.  No worries - I won't reveal your ages!
I made this little birthday sampler, Happy Birthday by Blackbird Designs, for my girlfriend Dawn.  (It was hard to get a photo without glare from the glass)  I like this design because it includes both her and my initials in the top left and right corners.  Her birthday was Monday.
A closer look before I framed it.
On Thursday, Karin celebrated a milestone birthday as well.  I made this large mug rug as part of her gift.  She likes bright colors, so I thought this was perfect.
The back was as colorful as the front. Opps... I guess you can see the year on there. :-)
I also finished this adorable bib for Karin's grandson.  Dylan is the son of my co-worker, Jaime - who bought her first home with her husband over the summer.
I finished this table runner for Jaime and Tony as a housewarming gift.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it quilted before I wrapped it.  So, you'll have to take my word for it that it was awesome. :-)  These are the colors in her kitchen/dining room.  

So it was a very productive week and felt good to finally get these projects done and now I can focus on projects without deadlines! 

Happy Birthday Dawn & Karin (two awesome quilters)!

Happy Stitching!


Linking up at Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.. which I hope to be doing this afternoon!


  1. Your cross stitch is lovely! Your friend is very lucky.

  2. Lovely work - I will come back and explore your blog again when I have some time :-)

  3. Certainly was a productive week!! Love everything you have shown today - the fabric on the back of the mug rug is glorious!

  4. Homemade gifts are the best gifts from the heart!

  5. They are all gorgeous ...I especially love that sampler!

  6. These are all great projects. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. So many wonderful gifts! You are so generous to share your creations!


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