Monday, July 7, 2014

A Finish! - Blackbird Designs Stitch Along

I have finished the sampler from the Blackbird Designs Stitch Along. (See previous post on this subject!)  It was fun to do something different and re-ignited my interest in cross stitch. 
So here is the finished sampler.  Love the color combination and I only changed a few parts of the design.  Originally the antique sampler said "her Sampler 1796".  I personalized it with my name and year.  I also decided that preferred lavender rather than blue for my name and date.
I also used a Smyra stitch rather than the eyelet stitch the pattern suggested.
I did raise the last number on the date, like the original piece.
I do have a collection of antique samplers.... Two is a collection, isn't it? LOL

And I have made a few myself.  Yikes - this is practically an antique itself! (made in 1981 before I was married.. or quilting.)
But the weekend was not totally devoid of quilting.  I felt some patriotic inspiration on Friday and put this little wallhanging together that I am calling Flag Day.

Happy Stitching



  1. Pretty sampler. Your stitches are fine. I agree that more than one is a collection..

  2. Beautiful cross stitch deb! For some reason, this I'm not really all that good at! LOL!!! Yours came out great!


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