Sunday, March 16, 2014

AQS Quilt Show - Lancaster, PA - Yahoo!!!

This past Friday, my girlfriend Dawn and I attended the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA.  This has become a tradition and pilgrimage for us for more years than I care to count (25+!!)  While the show and venue has changed over the years, it has always been a show we enjoyed and a wonderful time for two special quilting friends to spend together.  Warning - lots of quilting pictures below!  Sit back and let me take you to the quilt show! Enjoy!
AQS Quilt Week is held at the Lancaster Convention Center on three floors.
After a 2 1/2 hour drive we arrived at the quilt show ready to shop the vendors and see the fabulous quilts!

Lots of vendors on three floors!

Like kids in a candy store!! We wait all year for this!

First Place Bed Quilt: Big Bertha by Margaret Gunn
Incredible quilting!
Zen Garden also by Margaret Gunn - WOW!
Feathers and Farms by Joanne Baeth
The detail on this quilt was amazing!  Done on a home sewing machine.
Close up of the stitching and the barbed wire - which looked almost real!  Texture was also added with the bushes and leaves on the trees. 
Rusty Blooms by Cheryl Kerestes

Love the colors in this quilt!

This alphabet quilt was called A Letter Bit of Baltimore by Janet Stone.  Again, the quilting was amazing. 
The photos don't do these quilts justice!
Whetstones & Stars by Carolyn Rider
Loved this funky bird in a very colorful quilt called Earth & Twig by Kelley Cunningham
Spring Has Sprung in Baltimore by Rita O'Connor & Donna Derstadt
Crime Scene Investigation by Pauline Saltzman
I think this one was Dawn's favorite - as a lifelong dog owner and having recently had a house full of puppies, she can really relate!!

The detail on the dogs was fantastic and the doggy quotes were so funny!

The total look of innocence!

"Here is some of what my Mom bought at the quilt show.  Notice there are no cat treats!!"

Sorry for such a long post - but I hope you enjoyed the quilts. 
This is just a sampling of the incredible quilts at the show.  It never disappoints and always amazes.  The creativity, skill, and artistry of quilters is always a joy!  Congratulations to everyone that shared their art!

Happy Stitching & Happy St. Patricks day!



  1. Thank you for the pictures. I am longing to go to a quilt show and it will be at least another month before one comes around here. LOVE those quilts -simply gorgeous. I'm always blown away by all the talent that is out there. Thanks again.

    PS my cat would also have been miffed to discover no cat treats - LOL - I think I only exist because I have opposable thumbs and can open the bag.

    1. Thanks for stopping by - Glad you enjoyed the quilt show. We always come away blown away too.... the quilting out there is incredible.

  2. Spring Baltimore is my favorite! Yummy appliqué! Thanks for sharing..dream to go to one of these big shows, so inspirational!

    1. It is a fabulous quilt!! There were so many quilts, it was hard to choose which ones to photograph and which ones to share. Very inspirational!

  3. What a wonderful quilt show. Thanks for 'bringing' us along.

    1. We enjoy it every year - Like Christmas and our birthdays all rolled into one. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  4. Beautiful quilts. I hope some travel to the Grand Rapids show in August for selfish reasons. I would be able to see them in person. Thank you very much for posting this show!

    1. I hope you make it to the show and get to see these quilts. The photos don't do them justice! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. thanks for sharing those awesome quilts with us.

    1. Quilt shows are great for inspiration. I was happy to share - wish I could have shown all the magnificent quilts!

  6. Thanks for taking us all on a virtual tour of the quilt show! Amazing! You are so right.... There is nothing like seeing them in person, but for those of us who couldn't attend... I sure appreciate the photos!!!

  7. Looks like you had great fun. Fantastic quilts too!


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