Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm.....

We are expecting another snow storm (will this ever end!!??) tomorrow that should give us 8" - 12" on top of the icy piles of snow already out there.   But right now it is a peaceful, sunny day.  Hard to imagine what 24 hours will bring.  My Birds with Snacks block is now done and my beautiful birds were enjoying a day at the spa.
Don't look too closely.. I think I need to give this another press.  I don't like the way this looks right now.
Once the block was done... it was time for their spa appointment.
Everyone into the bath!
After a good soak, they rested on a soft, fluffy towel.
I made some changes to this block from the pattern in the book.
The branches were made more 'branch-like" rather than straight edges
I added these tiny eyes to the birds.

I scaled down the butterfly and the butterfly body.  Much better now!

... and this leaf was supposed to be a bird.  I like it better as a leaf.

Suzi and Lucy are going to wait out the storm on the couch.
They and their sisters are very lucky kitties!

Be Safe
Quilt On!


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  1. It is wonderful to tune in each week and see the progress you have made on this beautiful block. Those fine birds look so elegant with their long tail feathers and crowns. I don't know much about needle turn applique... And was wondering if you soak the block when finished to help the fibers relax? Love that butterfly!

  2. Thanks! I don't always soak my applique, but these blocks have so much on them, that I have to draw the placements on them with a water soluable pen. I also use a little basting glue on some of the stems and small pieces to hold them in place. The bath gets rid of all that.. along with the cat hair!

  3. What wonderful work you do, very impressed with your applique technique, I really must try that one day. Will look forward to more work in the coming months.


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