Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweet Hearts - The Last One!

This being December 31 it is the last day of the year, my last blog for 2013, and also the last heart block to be made for the Sweet Heart quilt.  First, I wanted to thank all my readers for a wonderful year.  I have enjoyed sharing my quilting journey with you and loved hearing all your comments.  I also have to thank all of my fellow bloggers that have inspired and encouraged me over the past year.
So here is my last Sweet Heart.
I think it looks beautiful sewn into the quilt.  The last block of 365.
I am so happy to have completed this quilt.  Thank you to Francoise for initiating this 365 day project of making one heart a day.  It has been incredibly fun!  You can check out some other Sweet Heart bloggers on the Sweet Heart blog.
As I look across the surface of this quilt I see birthdays, anniversaries, tragedies, and holidays - some mentioned in this blog, some not.  I took these heart blocks with me everywhere - in the car, on vacation, etc.  Some days it was the only stitching I did, but I enjoyed every one and that it kept me on track - marking the calendar with a heart a day.  

In later posts I will show you the Sweet Heart quilts also done by Dawn & Marie.  They were a little ahead of me and got their quilts done a little sooner.  But we have had a great time talking about our 'hearts'. Now onto the borders!  .. and of course the quilting.  Maybe I can quilt a heart a day in 2014!?

I want to wish you and your family the healthiest and happiest New Year!  I can't wait to see what you all do in 2014!

Happy New Year!



  1. I find the hearts quilt really beautiful! It is a sparkling quilt geworen! I wish you a good and creative 2014! Greetings, Annemarie

  2. Just scrolling through your blog. What a fun idea and your quilt is so pretty.
    I am a new follower.


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